Sudhanshu Pandey: We need to focus on developing the appropriate mindset

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According to actor Sudhanshu Pandey, contrary to popular assumption, India has traditionally revered and even worshipped women. However, he believes that people’s mindsets and ways of thinking must shift.

“I wouldn’t argue that in India we regard women as inequity, we are the oldest civilisation and this is the only country that worships a lady called Ardhanarishvara which is a symbol of equality and a symbol of man and women in one body. I’m willing to wager that it doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. Atrocities against women can occur anywhere in the world, and criminality against women is particularly prevalent in the West. I disagree with the phrase “India mein aise hi hota hai,” since it is not true. For many years, India has been the only country in which women have been revered.There is always good in an evil society; it is a part of human life, and anytime anything is wrong, there is always something right as well. “We have a celebration called Navratri where we pray to nine different forms of the goddess Parvati,” he continues.

“I would suggest that knowledge undoubtedly helps, and that we should focus on the appropriate mindset,” he continues. There are still certain locations where women are expected to do housework. However, if women wish to work, they must work harder for the good of our society. India is the only country where women have been respected for thousands of years. Even holy literature, such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata, have always taught us that women should be revered, especially when we have given them the titles of mother, daughter, and sister. This only happens in Incredible India.”

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