The kite- flying festival; less of a festival and more of a nuisance.

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India is rich in culture and traditions. They are an important part of our social fabric in the same vein we respect women and grimace at gossip and petty-mindedness.

I brim with pride when I see people manifesting utmost self-restraint so as to not inconvenienceothers..tLet  me put things in perspective with a gem of an example symptomatic of the Perversion that goes about in the name of festival.

We are the fastest developing country, when compared to Nepal and Srilanka; virtually  like an adult drawing parallel between his achievements and that of a toddler, who has just managed to learn how to suck milk and behave crankily when things do not match their little expectations.

Diwali: the festival of light metaphorically more than Litterally . It marks The return  of God Ram from a 14- year long exile.

And people staying true to their DNA sees this as a perfect occassion to indulge in all sort of excesses , from drinking to prying to the cherry on the cake an unrestrained, careless approach of busting crackers in the middle of the road which can startle a rider, and which inevitably leads to accidents, people getting severly injured, animals and birds going blind And deaf

From the impact of incessant bursting of deafening fire crackers. How else does one celebrate an important festival, collateral damage is negligible in comparision to the crazed revelry which people happily indulge in.

The very same people adhere to all laws perfect to its minutest detail, when in America or Canada, where a subdued version of this behaviour can lead to severe legal consequences .

However one needs to acknowledge the society’s tolerance to Such insufferable and unpardonable behaviour leading to major accidents and injuries.

But, Just when you think these crazed behaviour cannot be outdone, you have the popular Kite- flying festival, or an excuse to redefine the society’s callousness .

This festival as many people choose to call it, entails, loud music system , delerious show of primeval behaviour involving squealing at the top of your voice, each time you manage to cut other person’s kite which would seem completely normal and bearable to most people .

Of course , some objective, civilised  and responsible people, who are less in nunbers than even the parsis we have in India who unnecessarily critique a festival which leads to just few deaths every year from the sharp twine used to fly kites which slits throats and if you are lucky some other part which leads to excruciating pain, injury but fortuitously not death.

I saw neck bands and vehicles flaunting the front –  guards to prevent any  untoward incident .

All this so that the boisterous thugs can enjoy, while simultaneously causing grave mishaps , from the sudden shock a person experiences when , while riding a sharp thread swoons , entangles and cause them to lose their balance , if they are not lucky enough to escape with just some injuries,in most cases it inevitably leads to major injuries and deaths in more than a few cases which is completely justified, considering majority of population enjoys the debaunchery.

Our Government is more than happy to turn a blind eye and deaf ear, both of which literally happens thanks to the banned chinese extra-sharp thread  which does that job effeciently, and whatever little nuisance is left   finds a sense of closure is made up by the music systems.  

On a serious note, how can this be tolerated year after year despite the loss of lives Which, this year has already started in advance thanks to the alacrity people have shown in starting the celebrations in before hand.

We are not even going into the birds which are forced to alienate themselves to prevent unwanted entaglement in threads, leading them to going blind, losing their wings and the deafness that is caused which make the lives of all the cteatures miserable and all this just so that the so-called festival can be viciously celebrated where each person indulging in, knows the ramifications , but we as a society and thanks to our apathy could not care less.

Evolution of man from monkeys to humans, has perhaps been incomplete in the case of this people who are as premetive as they were during the stone age.

This perversion will escalate to new heights tomorrow as after Corona , this will be their first opportunity to celebrate it with abandon.

And just when we thought the deadly corona was out of  our lives, oblivious that we have concocted other mechanisms to keep the population in check, namely such “ festivals”.

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Written by Rohan Mukesh Shah.

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