Four Indian-Origin Individuals Arrested By US Police In Human Trafficking Case

Four Telugu individuals have been arrested by the Princeton police in an alarming ‘forced labor scheme’

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Four individuals of Indian origin were arrested in Texas state of the United States on Monday, July 8th after being charged with allegedly operating a ‘forced labor’ in Ginsburg Lane of Collin County. The four individuals were arrested after officials uncovered more than a dozen young women in a house under dreadful conditions. They were forced to sleep on the floor. 

15 Women Kept In A House Under Dire Conditions, Forced To Sleep On Floor

Arrested by the Princeton Police, the four Telugu individuals were named Chandan Dasireddy, Santhosh Katkoori, Dwaraka Gunda, and Anil Male. They were all within the age group of 24-38 years. The Princeton Police reported that they had received a tip proposing that a house in Collin County had 15 women living there under dire conditions, possibly being a case of human trafficking. The house did not have furniture but had computer electronics around along with blankets. This information was received by the police through a pest control department in March, they later launched an investigation on the matter. The discovery of the 15 women was followed by a search warrant executed at the accused Santhosh Katkoori’s residence. These women were forced to work for several shell companies owned by Santhosh and his wife, Dwaraka Gunda.

Information Received By A Pest Control Company In March

The pest control company reported that they were called to this residence in Ginsburg Lane to check for any bed bugs. The team noticed a few women sleeping on the floor and large suitcases around the house, following which they suspected human trafficking activities in the house and reported the same to the police. The officials recently discovered the house, operating human trafficking activities. The neighbors around the residence were shocked at the news and were alarmed. 

Princeton Police Urges People To Report Any Suspected Human Trafficking Activity

The police have now reported that after their investigation began in March, they have finally arrested the four accused individuals and have facilitated the rescue of the 15 young women victims of labor trafficking. Princeton Police Chief James Waters that his team had been working on the matter along with the federal investigators for a few months. Extensive clues and several location visits helped the police make the arrests of the four Indian-origin individuals. The US police have urged people in the area to report any information regarding suspected human trafficking activities. Furthermore, the US Department of State disclosed that between around 15,000 to 18,500 individuals in the US are trafficked every year for bonded or forced labor.

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