Dehradun Faces Extreme Heat and Tree Cutting Crisis

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Record-Breaking Heat

Dehradun experienced temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius this June, the highest in a decade. The last time it was this hot was June 2, 2012, when temperatures reached 42.1 degrees Celsius.

Impact of Tree Cutting

Thousands of trees are being cut down daily for new buildings and roads. This is making global warming worse. The homeless suffer the most from the heatwaves, with many dying in cities across the country.

Public Protest

Many people in Dehradun are protesting against tree cutting. Environmentalist Trilochan Bhatt posted a video of the protest on social media. The video has received around 98,000 views. People are demanding that the government change its policies to protect trees.

Community Voices

Concerned Citizen said “Locals must protest; otherwise, the government won’t change its policies. The government believes locals only desire taller buildings and wider roads to secure votes.”

They raised their voice to support Nature, “When people gather for the betterment of nature, it always brings a sense of peace.”  “It’s crucial for people to be aware. Plant trees and oppose deforestation.”

Sustainable Progress should be opted for, “Forests, trees, and rivers are integral to our identity. Development should not mean indiscriminate tree-cutting; we advocate for sustainable progress.”

Wider Impact

Other parts of Uttarakhand also face severe heatwave conditions, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable development and environmental protection.

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