“Aussie Admiration: Celebrities and Scientists in Awe of PM Modi’s Visionary Leadership in India”

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23 May 2023, Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Sydney, Australia, brought together a diverse group of Australian celebrities, influencers, and scientists who were left in awe of his achievements and vision for India. The meeting served as an opportunity to strengthen cultural and people-to-people ties between India and Australia while acknowledging the remarkable accomplishments of both nations. This article explores the perspectives of Australian personalities, including restaurateur Sarah Todd, musician Sebastian Guy, Nobel laureate Brian P. Schmidt, indigenous artist Danielle Mate, and others, highlighting their admiration for Prime Minister Modi.

Restaurateur Sarah Todd’s Impression

Sarah Todd, renowned restaurateur, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Modi and praised his exceptional contributions to India. Todd acknowledged his genuine care for the country and commended his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a leader who has made significant positive changes. She noted that his vision for India has inspired her and many others.

Musician Sebastian Guy’s Encounter

Musician Sebastian Guy, known for winning the first Australian Idol competition in 2003, shared his memorable interaction with PM Modi. He mentioned that the Prime Minister asked him to learn the Oscar-winning song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from the feature film RRR. Guy described feeling fortunate to meet Prime Minister Modi and acknowledged his dedication and concern for the nation. He even expressed his intention to call his mother, who hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, to share this memorable experience.

Promoting Sanitation Advocacy

Mark Balla, a business specialist and public speaker on humanitarian issues, lauded Prime Minister Modi’s efforts to prioritize sanitation. He referred to the Prime Minister as the number one change-maker in the global sanitation space. Balla acknowledged the transformative steps taken by the Indian government under PM Modi’s leadership, which have brought about a change in the mindset of Indians towards sanitation and cleanliness.

Recognition from Nobel Laureate Brian P. Schmidt

Nobel laureate Brian Paul Schmidt, who also serves as the vice-chancellor and president of the Australian National University, praised Prime Minister Modi’s awareness of scientific advancements in Australia. Schmidt noted that India’s investment in science and equipment has elevated its ability to engage in world-class research. He commended the Indian government’s support for scientists and their contributions to scientific progress.

Appreciating Arts and Culture

Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with indigenous artist Danielle Mate highlighted his appreciation for arts and culture. Mate, a Sydney-based artist specializing in large-scale murals and public art, expressed her admiration for Prime Minister Modi’s creative sensibilities. She noted that he could identify similarities in the arts and culture of both India and Australia, emphasizing the cultural bridges that can be built between the two countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interactions with Australian celebrities, influencers, and scientists during his visit to Sydney showcased his remarkable achievements and vision for India. The admiration expressed by Sarah Todd, Sebastian Guy, Mark Balla, Brian P. Schmidt, Danielle Mate, and others highlighted the positive impact of PM Modi’s leadership in various domains. Such exchanges further strengthen the bonds between India and Australia, fostering collaboration and mutual appreciation.

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