Bengaluru Considering Traffic Fee At Peak Hours To Ease Congestion

New Plan in the Works: Experts Propose Congestion Tax at Key Entry Points to Ease Traffic Jams

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12th October 2023, Mumbai: In an effort to combat the ongoing traffic problems in Bengaluru, authorities are considering implementing a congestion tax at nine major entry points during busy hours. This proposed step, suggested by a panel of experts, aims to deal with the persistent traffic issue in the city and also will help in generating the revenue.

Daily Congestion of 12 million Vehicles

Bengaluru witnesses a staggering daily travelling of around 12 million vehicles, and the suggested congestion tax aims not only to generate revenue but also to improve travel times for buses, cars, and delivery vehicles. If put into action, this initiative could play a vital role in streamlining traffic and enhancing overall mobility in the lively city.

The silicon valley: Traffic Jam

Bengaluru, known as ‘The silicon valley’ of India, is dealing with a big problem – traffic jams. More people, fast urban growth, and a growing IT industry have led to a huge increase in cars on the roads. When many people are traveling, especially during peak times, the roads in Bengaluru gets congested and moving becomes very slow. The roads are not wide enough, and there aren’t enough public transport choices, which adds to the problem. Also, ongoing construction work adds to the congestion, making people frustrated and less productive.

Traffic Fee idea by the Experts

To tackle this, there’s a suggestion to have a traffic fee at certain entry points during busy times. This could reduce unnecessary travel during peak hours and encourage people to use other ways to get around, hopefully making traffic smoother and improving life in the city.

By Harsh Rathod

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