Bigg Boss OTT 2: Controversies and Intense Moments Take Center Stage

Renowned Competitors, Unexpected Kisses, and Urfi Javed’s Scathing Remarks Add Drama to the Show

Nidhi Mishra
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  • Renowned Participants Grab Attention: Bigg Boss OTT 2
  • Urfi Javed Calls Out Manisha Rani’s Behavior
  • Kisses and Controversies Await Salman Khan’s Challenge

4th July 2023,Mumbai: The Bigg Boss OTT 2 competitors are now widely known. On social media, they are popular practically every day. The participants were able to establish enough name recognition, renown, and popularity in just two months. In reality, not only the aam janta but even famous people are paying close attention to the show. Urfi Javed is among them. She competed on Bigg Boss OTT season one, when she was quickly ousted. She is giving her thoughts on what she sees occurring in the house while intently watching Bigg Boss OTT 2. Her most recent post attacked Manisha Rani.

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rozik joined Bigg Boss OTT 2 as a guest. After just two days, he left the residence and left a note. But a duty was handed to him before he left. He was required to create a two-minute video alongside the other four nominees for the show. He selected Jiya Shankar, Manisha Rani, Jad Hadid, and Avinash Sachdev. It appears that Urfi Javed disliked Manisha Rani’s part as Abdu produced videos. Manisha Rani and Abdu Rozik danced together in the bathtub, and they were both caught kissing. Urfi called Manisha Rani out and said that he is not a child and that she shouldn’t be forcing herself to kiss him. She shared a screenshot of the scene and commented, “This was so uncomfortable to watch. Why was she forcibly kissing him? He’s not a kid. Boundaries people.” After the session with Manisha Rani, Abdu Rozik remarked that he grew really fatigued and jokingly said that he should have chosen someone else instead of her, even though he had been doing videos with everyone else joyfully.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 has been dominated by kisses. The kiss between Jad Hadid and Akanksha Puri earlier caused a lot of buzz. They engaged in a hot lip lock for 30 seconds as part of a game of dare. Both Salman Khan and the crowd were not pleased with it. Salman Khan taught the group of people who accepted the challenge and issued the dare during Weekend Ka Vaar. Will Salman Khan also challenge Manisha Rani?

-by Kashvi Gala

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