Defense Sector of the India is Growing Superfast

After the efforts like ‘Make in India’ by the Central Government, India's defense sector is booming with a great pace.

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A few years ago, the Indian government launched the ‘Make in India’ initiative to boost the country’s manufacturing sector. Now this program of the government is proving to be a boon for the country’s defense sector, giving the sector superfast growth like a bullet fired from a gun.

The biggest success of ‘Make in India’ is seen in the country’s defense sector. Because it has helped a lot in increasing the production of defense products in the country. In less than a decade, India has not only indigenized most defense products, but has also become an exporter rather than an importer of them.

Government companies have been benefited the most

In the defense sector, the country’s government-owned defense companies have benefited the most from the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Once there were question marks on the capabilities of these companies, but now these companies are playing the most important role in the development of the country’s defense sector.

A few days ago, the defense minister of the country thanked all the stakeholders in the defense sector for this success story. In the financial year 2023-24, the country’s defense exports were Rs 21,083 crore. While in the previous financial year 2022-23, the country’s defense exports were only Rs 15,920 crore. That means there has been a direct growth of 32.5 percent.

There is a big difference between the UPA and NDA governments

If you look at the 10-year tenure of the current NDA government and the previous UPA government in terms of defense sector growth and exports, you will find a huge difference. According to ET News, the country’s defense exports during the UPA tenure from 2004-05 to 2013-14 were Rs 4,312 crore. During the tenure of the current NDA government, the total export of this sector has been Rs 88,319 crore. This represents a direct growth of 21 times.

Contribution of government companies 40 percent

Although the private sector has played an important role in the growth of the defense sector, the government companies in this sector have not been left behind. If the contribution of the private sector is 60 percent then the contribution of government companies is also 40 percent.

From guns to drones are being made in India

There is not only volume in terms of production of defense artillery, but also there is variety. There are diverse categories of weapons and defense equipment that are being manufactured in India. Many large Indian companies like L&T, Godrej and Adani are manufacturing various types of defense products in the country. These include small guns, ammunition, drones and night vision devices. At the same time HAL and other government companies are also busy making the country self-reliant in the defense sector. These companies are focused on developing highly advanced and technologically up-to-date aircrafts and fighter jets for the Indian defense forces.

-Rahul Dubey

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