Employee Caught, Cleaning Drain With Food Frying Net In Mumbai

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The terrific video came out and going viral on media platforms of Istanbul Darbar, one of the popular restaurants in Mumbai’s Kurla West, under intense scrutiny as the video is shared by local journalist ‘Siraj Noorani’ it was the terrific scene the employee was cleaning the drain with the food frying. Net to remove drain.

This footage, is quickly spreaded and caught attention, which shows employee was practicing the unhygienic practice in the day light. with no fear. The journalist who shared the video asked for the quick action from health authorities to investigate the hygiene standards of the restaurant. The video is widely spreaded all over the region for the food safety.

Istanbul Darbar is one of the well-known area of middle eastern cuisine. Various people come to enjoy food from Various parts of country, and from different countries, as well. Although the recent obligation tarnishes the restaurants image. The question raised on safety of establishment and cleanliness.

On Viral video the public had expressed anger through sparkle of comments, on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. User expressed the disguise, some demanded to boycott the restaurant, and many of them demanded for immediate intervention from. Food safety and standard authority of India (FSSAI). Such practices can’t be tolerated.

“Absolutely disgusting! How can they be so careless with something as crucial as food safety?” commented one user on Twitter. Another wrote, “This is why we need stricter regulations and frequent inspections. People’s health is at stake!”

There is the need of accountability and transparency in the food industry. journalist made a statement “This is not just about one restaurant. It’s about ensuring that all establishments adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. We trust them with our food; they owe it to us to maintain cleanliness,”

The restaurant owner handled the issue with a clarification he said “Don’t believe everything you see online! Regarding the viral video; your trust means everything to us, Istanbul Darbar maintains the standard and classy food quality.” The restaurant owner Shahbaz Sheikh, said the equipment looks like frying net is just used to clean drains. Later they also claimed the employee seen in the video is suspended. Despite the assurances, the damage to the restaurant’s reputation seems significant. Regular patrons and potential customers alike are wary, and it remains to be seen how the restaurant will rebuild trust within the community.

Legal experts suggest that the restaurant could face severe penalties if found guilty of compromising food safety. This incident highlights the critical need for regular inspections and stringent enforcement of food safety laws to protect consumers.

Such crises occur in the food industry there is the need of better building of hygiene and cleanliness which won’t cause any harm to the consumer. as the investigation unfolds, both patrons and the broader public will be watching closely to see how Istanbul Darbar addresses this issue and what steps will be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Shilpa Chalke

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