Farmers’ March Towards Parliament: Section 144 Imposed in Noida

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Farmers from villages in Noida are gearing up to march towards Parliament in Delhi today, to voice their grievances against the Noida authority and present their demands to the government. However, authorities have imposed Section 144 in Noida and are implementing route diversions to prevent farmers from reaching the national capital. Meanwhile, the Delhi Police have clarified that no permission has been granted for the farmers to enter Delhi.

Imposition of Section 144 and Route Diversions

The Noida police have enforced Section 144 in the city and implemented route diversions to thwart the farmers’ movement towards Delhi. The deployment of personnel and the imposition of restrictions aim to prevent any unauthorized entry into the national capital. The Delhi Police have also reiterated that no permission was sought by the farmers for the rally in Delhi.

Primary Demands of the Farmers

The farmers’ primary demands include increased land compensation and improved rehabilitation facilities for families affected by land acquisition for the city’s development over the past four decades. Assembling at the Mahamaya flyover, the starting point of the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, the farmers intend to march towards Delhi to garner attention to their grievances.

Security Measures and Policing

Anticipating the protest’s impact on the Delhi-Noida link road, the Gautam Budh Nagar police have implemented necessary security measures and policing strategies to manage the route during the demonstration. Senior police officers have affirmed their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of both the protesters and the general public during the march.

Stance of Farmer Leaders

Sukhbir Yadav, a protesting farmer and leader of Bharatiya Kisan Ekta Sangh, lamented the Uttar Pradesh government’s failure to address their demands, including 10% of total land acquired for residential purposes, increased land compensation, and permission for commercial activities on residential plots. Farmer leaders assert that their grievances have not been adequately addressed, leading to the resurgence of protests.

Renewed Protests Following Unmet Assurances

Despite assurances from the Noida authority on September 20, 2023, promising to address their demands in the coming months, farmers resumed their protest on December 18. Disappointed with the lack of action from both the state government and the Noida authority, farmers cited delays in the allocation of residential flats and increased land compensation as reasons for reinitiating their protest.


The ongoing farmers’ march towards Parliament underscores the persistence of grievances and the determination of farmers to seek redressal for their concerns. As tensions escalate and security measures are heightened, the spotlight remains on the authorities to engage constructively with the farmers to address their demands and prevent further escalation of unrest.


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