Guava Compensation Scam Probe: ED Raids at the Homes of Two Punjabi IAS Officers

ED raids Punjab IAS officers' homes in Guava Compensation Scam probe; Vigilance Bureau investigates, arrests made.

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As part of an investigation into the Guava Compensation Scam, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) raided the homes of two senior Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers in Punjab. This development follows the arrests made in connection with the case and the ongoing investigation by the Punjab Vigilance Bureau.

The Punjab Vigilance Bureau’s inquiry

Previous to the ED being involved, the Guava Compensation Scam was being vigorously investigated by the Punjab Vigilance Bureau. About seventy people have been taken into custody in relation to this scandal, which entails the misappropriation of about Rs. 137 crores.

ED Raids in Mohali and Chandigarh

The ED carried out raids at fifteen sites, mostly in Chandigarh and Mohali, including the residences of several IAS officers, real estate brokers, and farmers. The ED’s campaign against the Guava Compensation Scam includes these raids.

Information about the Scam

The plot centres on the misappropriation of money intended to compensate the owners of guava orchards located on property that was purchased to build an Aerotropolis city in Punjab. In 2023, the VB filed a complaint after finding disparities in the claims made for compensation.

Arrests and investigation

In relation to the scandal, JS Sidhu, the Horticulture Development Officer, was taken into custody by the Punjab Vigilance Bureau. According to investigations, beneficiaries, landowners, and Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) officials participated.

Misrepresentation of Orchards of Guava

Inflating settlement payments, beneficiaries exaggerated the age and worth of guava saplings put on the purchased land. A great deal of people were able to falsely claim compensation because to this dishonest behaviour.

Rajesh Dhiman’s role

DC Ferozepur Among the IAS officers whose residences the ED searched is Rajesh Dhiman. Dhiman held the position of Assistant Commissioner of the GMADA during the scam’s duration. It is said that he provided recipients with insights by gaining access to sensitive information about Mohali’s urbanization plans.

Misuse of Classified Information

The purported mishandling of classified material by Dhiman exposes the officials’ cooperation in enabling fraud. This betrayal of confidence erodes public trust in government and makes the swindle much more serious.

Effect on the Distribution of Compensation

A huge financial impact has resulted from a fake compensation distribution program that stole millions of rupees from government coffers. In addition to depleting public resources, this kind of corruption denies legitimate beneficiaries their just pay.

Reforms and Accountability Are Needed

The Guava Compensation Scam highlights how urgently land acquisition and compensation procedures need to be reformed and held accountable. The public’s trust may be maintained and future scam risks can be reduced by bolstering oversight procedures and encouraging openness.

Raids by the ED on the residences of IAS officers in Punjab related to the Guava Compensation Scam revealed the widespread corruption in property deals. Holding individuals responsible for fraudulent acts accountable and putting reforms in place to stop such situations in the future are crucial as investigations continue.


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