Jyoti Saxena Shares her Desire to join Politics and Serve the Country!

Jyoti Saxena says she wants to go into politics because she believes it would be a good opportunity to give back to the country and constantly speak up for what’s right.

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9th April, 2024, Mumbai: Future Intentions to Enter Politics, as Actress Jyoti Saxena also says, take a look at what the actress has to say about her desire to enter politics. Actress Jyoti Saxena is one of those rare stars in Tinsel Town who never holds back when expressing her true feelings. Recently, the actress has revealed her greatest desire, which may surprise many by revealing her intense interest in entering the political sphere.

Jyoti Saxena revealed she had wanted to join politics for a long time.

Political interest is something Saxena has long had, she revealed. Political intrigue has always piqued my interest, and I believe politics has the ability to improve society in ways that many other things do not. I feel privileged to interact with individuals from a variety of backgrounds since I am an actress, and I think this will instill in me a strong sense of responsibility for the well-being of our society.”

Jyoti wants to contribute to the development of the country by joining politics.

If given the chance, the actress said she would be willing to get involved in politics and possibly even join a party. “I will accept any offer that any political party makes to me with great pleasure. My commitment is to do my share to improve our country. The achievements in a variety of sectors are extremely inspiring. In addition to being appreciative, I would love to advocate for women’s rights, animal rights, and education in order to improve society as a whole.”

Jyoti Saxena shares her future goals and aspirations.

The goal of Jyoti Saxena to enter politics is indicative of her enduring dedication to helping society and advancing the growth of her country. She wants to change the political landscape and create the path for a better future for India and its people with her enthusiasm, tenacity, and persistence.

By-Sapna Meena

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