Kangana Ranaut Allegedly Slapped at Chandigarh Airport Over Farmer Comments

Newly Elected MP and Actress Faces Controversy

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Kangana Ranaut, a newly elected MP and famous actress, was allegedly slapped by a CISSF constable,  Kulwinder Kaur, at Chandigarh airport, which was a shocking event. As per reports , Ranaut’s comments that were insulting towards farmers were the cause of the argument.

Kangana Ranaut Slapped at Chandigarh Airport

Ranaut, who had just won the Lok Sabha election from the Mandi constituency in Himachal Pradesh, was getting ready to take a flight to Delhi when the incident happened. The CISF policeman who was involved in the incident is Kulwinder kaur. Recordings from mobile device reveal that she was  circled by security guards towards the security check-in, where she had conversations with CISF officers.

Reason for the Incident

The officer  told Ranaut that slapping her was a reaction to her remarks regarding farmers, calling up the long-running farmer protests against the farm regulations that were later abolished and their demands for a legally guaranteed minimum support price.

An investigation into the incident has been launched by the CISF commandant in charge of the airport. Reports say that Ranaut’s associates have also notified the local authorities about the incident.

Lok Sabha Results

This happens not long after Ranaut won the Mandi election with 537,022 votes, more than her Congress opponent received by 74,755. Before her victory was formally declared, Ranaut had already taken to social media to express her gratitude, thanking Prime Minister Modi, the BJP, and the traditional values maintained in Mandi for the support they had given her.

The specific events that precipitated the fight are still being investigated.

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