Naturals CEO CK Kumaravel Responds To Trolls Trending #BoycottNaturalsSalon

After his controversial comments about Savarkar went viral, supporters of the freedom fighter started calling for a boycott of Naturals Salon and trolling him.

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On May 16, responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement challenging INDI Alliance leaders to say 5 statements about the greatness of Veer Savarkar, Naturals Salon CEO CK Kumaravel stirred controversy by calling him a “Hindutva Maniac” among other things

Angered by his statements, people started calling for a boycott of his salons and #BoycottNaturalsSalon and #boycottnaturals were trending on X(formerly Twitter) for days. In response, he has posted the following tweet:

Responding to trolls in a rational manner, he asked people to come to his chain of salons if they like the work and find it worth the money, if they don’t they should find an alternative. He further asked, “Will you board aircraft because the pilot is having the same political affiliation or will you do a heart surgery because the doctor is having the same religious faith?”

His response too has gone viral with many people continuing to respond negatively.

However, there were also a few positive comments in support of him.

While the issue doesn’t seem to be put to bed, CK Kumaravel is yet to give any other response or put out any other statement. 

-Namit Pandey

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