Park Bo Ram’s Agency Threatens Legal Action against Rumours; Addresses Autopsy Results Amid False Narratives

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What did XANADU Entertainment’s Statement tell?

Park Bo-ram, known for her contributions to the Korean music industry, was at the centre of unfounded rumours regarding her death. Her agency swiftly responded to these rumours, issuing a statement condemning the spread of fake news and vowing to take legal action against those responsible for perpetuating these falsehoods.

The authorities further elaborated on the emotional toll that Park Bo-ram’s passing has inflicted, revealing that her company, relatives, and acquaintances are grappling with profound shock and anguish. In response to the spread of misinformation and speculation surrounding her death, the label issued a stern plea for the removal of all false and speculative content, warning of imminent legal action should these requests be ignored.

In their statement, the label made it clear that they would pursue both civil and criminal measures against those responsible for disseminating false narratives about Park Bo-ram’s passing.

Park Bo Ram’s cause of death; Autopsy Results

On April 15, Bo Ram’s talent agency, XANADU Entertainment, released a statement dispelling any claims of suicide or homicide, asserting the autopsy findings. “An autopsy was performed this morning (April 15) to confirm the cause of death of the late artistPark Bo Ram. The autopsy showed no signs of homicide or suicide, and the exact results will be delivered to the bereaved family at a later date.” The agency of the late singer responded to the claims.

Park Bo Ram passed away on the evening of April 11. The agency also urged fans to avoid spreading rumours and speculative information to allow the grieving family to bid farewell to their loved one in peace.

Park Bo Ram’s Funeral and Final Rites

In addition to the announcement, Park Bo Ram’s agency also revealed the details of the singer’s funeral. The singer’s funeral will take place on April 17th at 3:00 PM KST at room 21 of the Funeral Home located at Asan Medical Center. The burial procession will take place at Seoul Memorial Park on April 17th.

“We would appreciate it if you could pray for the late Park Bo Ram, who never let go of her passion for music and nurtured her dream so that she can rest comfortably in a warm place.” , said by Xanadu Entertainment.

Below is the Official Statement by XANADU ENTERTAINMENT

This is Xanadu Entertainment.

An autopsy was performed this morning to clearly determine the cause of death of our artist, the late Park Boram. It has been confirmed that there are no signs of homicide or suicide, and the detailed results of the autopsy will be shared with her family at a later date.

The wake for the deceased is set up from 3 PM today at Seoul Asan Hospital Funeral Hall, Room 21, and the funeral will be held at 6 AM on the 17th. The burial will take place at Seoul Memorial Park.

We sincerely pray for the soul of the departed who has tragically left this world, and we earnestly ask everyone to refrain from spreading rumors and speculative reporting so that the bereaved family can properly farewell their loved one.

We would be grateful if you could join us in praying for Park Boram, who pursued her musical dreams with passion, to rest peacefully in a better place.

About Park Bo Ram

Park Bo Ram gained fame from Mnet’s audition show Superstar K2 in 2010. She achieved her first breakthrough in 2014 with her song Beautiful. The singer went on to deliver many hit OSTs, including the iconic Hyehwadong (Or Ssangmundong) for Reply 1988 and Please Say Something, Even Though It Is a Lie for W – Two Worlds. At the time of her unexpected passing, Bo Ram was preparing for a comeback to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her debut.

-Vriti Parekh

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