Passengers Recall Horrible Due To Catching Fire In Air India Express

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The terrifying moment and shocking moment happen they are grateful for being alive an air India express flight caught fire, after landing at the Kozhikode an international airport of Kerala. On the runway. These incidents occurred on 19th May 2024 flight IX -1344, arrived from Dubai with crew members and 190 passengers. As flame got visible the aircrafts crew members quickly actioned the emergency respond from experts helped out from incident, but the horrible moments will remain in the minds and memories of those on board   

The flight was routine till landing, there was a sudden impact and the plane veered off the runway, “said Rajesh Kumar, of the passenger gave a statement ‘the next thing we knew, there was a smoke filling into the cabin and people started to the airplane halted, the fire started, due to the fuel leak caused by rough landing. Panic situation began among passangers as the cabin began to fill smoke. “It was absolute chaos,” recalled Anita Mehra, another passenger. “People were screaming and trying to unbuckle their seatbelts. The smoke was so thick, and we could hardly see.”

In the unbarring situation the flight crews training and composure played a crucial role in passengers’ safety. The cabin crew members actively actioned. Guided passangers towards emergency exit and ensuring an orderly evacuation. “The crew was phenomenal,” said Kumar. “They kept shouting instructions and helped us stay calm. If it weren’t for their quick actions, things could have been much worse.”

Firefighters and emergency team of airport alerted by the incident. Reached the scene within minutes. The worked steadily to extinguish the flame. “The response was incredibly fast,” noted Kumar. “We could see the firefighters battling the flames as we slid down the chutes.”

Mehra a passenger who was travelling with his young daughter described her fear during the moment. “All I could think about was getting my daughter out safely. The smoke was so thick, and the heat was unbearable. But the crew kept us moving, and the firefighters were already there when we got out.”

Ravi sing praised the crew members with a statement “It was like a well-rehearsed drill,” he said. “Everyone knew their role, and that made a huge difference. “Despite the chaos, all 190 passengers and crew members were safe. Several passangers got minor injuries during the situation but none of the passengers got any serious injury Air India Express has also assured full cooperation with the investigation. “Safety is our utmost priority,” said a spokesperson for the airline. “We are deeply relieved that all passengers and crew are safe, and we will work closely with authorities to understand what happened and prevent such incidents in the future.”

The incident involving Air India Express Flight IX-1344 is a stark reminder of the unpredictability of air travel and the critical importance of preparedness and quick response in emergencies. While the investigation continues, the heroic actions of the crew and emergency responders have undoubtedly prevented a tragedy, turning a terrifying experience into a story of survival and resilience.

Shilpa Chalke  

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