Ranvir Shorey accuses IndiGo Airlines of lacking a pilot and criticizes the airline for a ten-hour delay.

Will File Complaint For Trauma" says Actor Ranvir Shorey after 10hr flight delay

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On Monday, actor Ranvir Shorey criticized IndiGo Airlines for what he claimed to have been a terrifying experience after a more than 10-hour flight delay. The actor gave a thorough account of his experience on social media, criticizing the airline for misleading information, poor communication, and a lack of openness about the causes of the delay.

According to Mr. Shorey’s allegations, two hours before to the scheduled departure time, IndiGo Airlines notified him and the other seven passengers that the aircraft would be delayed by three hours because of foggy weather.

Shorey has stated that even though they initially understood that weather-related delays could occur, things got out of hand when the departure time was altered many times without providing adequate justification.

Ranvir Shorey’s statement on social media

“Still, we did not complain, thinking there must have been a communication issue and were completely understanding, as we were aware that at this time of the year, these things happen sometimes,” Mr Shorey wrote on social media.

Additionally, Mr. Shorey claimed that the information given by the airline employees was inconsistent. He asserted that the plane had already reached Bangalore and was said to be departing from Kolkata, an airport free of fog problems.

“One of my friends looked up the Indigo website to check the routing of our aircraft. It very clearly said that the aircraft that was supposed to fly us was coming in from Kolkata, which had reported no fog issues and had already arrived at Bangalore. When we confronted the Indigo staff with this information, he simply said that the website had not been updated properly, and gave us his ‘personal guarantee’ that the flight would take off at around 8 pm,” he claimed in his post.

The flight finally took off at midnight

According to Mr. Shorey, the airplane finally took off at midnight, a startling ten hours after the originally scheduled time, after suffering hours of allegedly false information and delays.

The actor, who has starred in hit movies like “Khosla Ka Ghosla” and “Bheja Fry,” declared he was going to sue Indigo Airlines for the upsetting experience he and the other passengers had gone through.

Many aircrafts have been delayed due to foggy conditions

Due to the heavy fog in north India since the past few days, hundreds of aircraft have been delayed at the airports in Delhi and Mumbai. The weather is unruly at the moment and many flights have been unable to follow their regular schedule. A lot of passengers were recently stranded at the airport for hours due to the flight delays.

Recently Radhika Apte had shared her experience of being locked on the airobridge for hours. However the weather conditions are making the coordination difficult even for thr crew members and the airport authorities.

By: Gursharan Kaur

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