Speeding Milk Tanker Crashed: 3 Dead And 16 Injured

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Tanker crashed into an ongoing fair wearing decal of Sikkim Milk Union at Ranipool distanced 11km faraway from the capital of Gangtok took existence of 3, made 3 critical and left 20 injured in between 7-8pm on a Saturday. The collision additionally brought about tremendous damage to property, together with parked vehicles and shops. Out of the three deceased individuals, one is a middle-aged woman in her late 20s, and the other two are middle-aged men in late 30s, the identification of the man and woman was not done back then however, one of the men was a police officer who was not on duty.

The event was traumatizing because of how packed the fair was with people and children because of the weekend frenzy. Every eyewitness described the sight as pitiful and violent, and it was only due to their quick thinking that they were able to send several patients for treatment at the appropriate time, with assistance from the townspeople and the police department.

Names of the deceased of Ranipool Mishap are as follows, Doma Sherpa from Jaigoan WB ,Rikzing Dorjee Bhutia (32) from Chujachen Pakyong and Pempa Tseten Bhutia (20) from Sang. The driver has been arrested, and on taking a look into the CCTV footage the incident happened at 7:12pm which shows the acuteness of the event along with the evidence that is likely going to help in the investigation.

The press announcement from Sikkim Milk Union states that the tanker in question is no longer their property because Rajesh Kumar Tamang of Ranipul won the auction. The SMU added that although the tanker was put up for auction in 2022, it was only recently that they became aware of its existence thanks to the Sikkim Milk Union label. He said that necessary actions will be taken against the owner, driver and handy-boy after running the needed tests of the duo.

The CM declared that the kin of those who perished in the terrible event would receive ₹ 5 lakh in compensation and also penned a note stating on his facebook wall ‘’ I am deeply saddened by the tragic accident that occurred in Ranipool. Our officials from the government and the District administration have been tirelessly dedicated to rescue operations, and those affected are currently receiving treatment at Manipal Hospital.

I have ensured prompt assistance for those affected, with all treatment expenses at Manipal or referred cases covered by the state government. We are committed to providing every possible support during this difficult time.

My thoughts are with the injured and their families, and I sincerely pray for their swift recovery. I also extend my deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in this tragedy, and I pray for the departed souls to rest in eternal peace ‘’.

Subhangee Mandal

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