Students Protests Erupt At IIT-BHU After Alleged Assault On Woman

Three men Assaulted A Woman Student at IIT-BHU Campus

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Students Protests Erupt At IIT-BHU After Alleged Assault On Woman

3rd November 2023, Mumbai: Hundreds of students gathered at the Indian Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU) to protest an alarming incident where a woman student was reportedly kissed and stripped by three unidentified men on the campus. The shocking incident occurred near the student’s hostel, the assaulters were riding motorcycles, also recorded a video of their disturbing actions. The protesters expressed that the individuals responsible for the assault were outsiders who entered the campus.

Three Men Assaulted a Student

According to the woman’s complaint, the alleged assault occurred when she was with a friend near the temple on Wednesday night. Three men on a motorcycle forcibly were trying to kiss her, separated her from her friend, and assaulter her.

Police Investigation and Statements

The police said, The assaulters took her phone from her, recorded videos and tooknsome photos and leaved her after 15 minutes

According to the police officials, they have initiated an investigation collaborating with the institution to enhance the safety and security in the campus.

Students Response And Demand

In response to the incident and the demands of the protesting students, a call to restrict access to the campus by outsiders is gaining momentum. Students are urging the authorities to implement a policy that bans non-affiliated individuals from entering the IIT-BHU campus. Furthermore, the Students have demanded to construct a physical wall like structure to separate the IIT campus from the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) campus.

A Call for a Safety in the Campus

After a mutual discussion with the student representatives and the board, the institute came up with a significant step for their student safety. They have committed to pursuing the proposal of creating a closed campus, with plans to engage with the Ministry of Education in this regard.

By Harsh Rathod

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