Suchana Seth Who Killed her 4-year-old Son Accused her Husband of Violence

Suchana and her husband were in their final stages of divorce, and were having conflicts over the child’s custody

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The Banglore-based CEO, Suchana was arrested for killing her four-year-old son.The child’s body had been kept in a mortuary at a government hospital in Karnataka. According to a preliminary examination, he had suffocated to death and was smothered with a pillow. According to court documents obtained by NDTV on Wednesday, the Bengaluru-based AI data scientist who is charged with domestic violence against her husband and the child’s father, PR Venkat Raman, filed the allegations in August of last year. She is suspected of killing her four-year-old kid in a hotel in north Goa. During the couple’s divorce process, the father had refuted the accusations in court. The next date the court planned to hear the case was January 29. The child may have been killed because the mother was angry after a court granted the father visitation rights every Sunday, a senior Goa police officer told news agency ANI. Ms. Seth and her husband are reportedly in the final stages of their divorce.

Suchana had put her son’s body in a bag while escaping

Having her son’s remains crammed into a big bag, Ms. Seth, 39, was apprehended on Tuesday while escaping. She was taken into custody in Chitradurga, Karnataka. This came about after hotel workers in Goa discovered a bloodstained towel while tidying her room and called the authorities. The police discreetly pointed the driver of the taxi that Ms. Seth was driving to the closest police station after getting in touch with him.

A preliminary examination of the child’s body – which had been stored at a morgue in a Karnataka government hospital – indicated he had been smothered with a pillow and died of suffocation. “The killing took place over 36 hours ago. His face and chest are swollen due to suffocation, and the child’s nose was bleeding,” Dr Kumar Naik, from the Hiriyur Hospital, told reporters Tuesday night. Dr Naik also said there was no sign of blood loss or marks of struggle. The funeral rites have been finished after the body was brought to Bengaluru. Suchana Seth has been charged with murder and will remain under police detention until next week.

The mother tried to die by suicide

It is possible that she attempted suicide after killing her kid, as evidenced by the sliced wrist found on her. On Saturday, January 6, Ms Seth and her son moved into the Sol Banyan Grande service flat in Candolim, north Goa. She checked out alone on Monday, January 8, informing the hotel staff (and later the police, when they started posing questions) that her child was spending the night with a friend. When Ms. Seth insisted on being driven to Bengaluru by cab, the personnel observed that she was carrying a sizable bag—one that she had not checked in. Despite this, they appeared unconcerned about it.

The hotel suggested Ms. Seth take a flight, which would take about 90 minutes, as her home is located about 600 miles from Goa in the capital of Karnataka. But Ms. Seth insisted on taking a taxi, so that’s what happened.

Suchana Seth and her husband, Venkat Raman, had married in 2010.

By: Gursharan Kaur

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