Amit Shah Lambasts Congress, Champions BJP’s Vision for Chhattisgarh

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  • Amit Shah criticised Opposition
  • BJP Slams Bhupesh Baghel
  • BJP's Aarop Patra

2 September 2023, Mumbai:Union Home Minister Amit Shah delivered a scathing critique of the Congress party’s role in Chhattisgarh, asserting that the “Dilli ka Darbaar” (a veiled reference to the Gandhi family) would not benefit the state. Shah made these remarks while unveiling the BJP’s ‘Aarop Patra’ (list of charges) against the Chhattisgarh government in Raipur, emphasizing the upcoming state assembly elections’ significance. He underlined that these elections were not merely about changing the regime but also about securing Chhattisgarh’s future. Shah urged the people to choose between Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s allegedly corrupt government or a development-focused BJP government.

Amit Shah criticised Opposition

Shah dismissed the idea that ‘Dilli ka Darbaar’ could bring good to Chhattisgarh, asserting that only the BJP could save the state from corruption. He stated that if the BJP were elected, it would steer the state towards development and progress. Shah unveiled the ‘Aarop Patra’ to raise awareness about the corruption and alleged scams under the Congress government’s rule, emphasizing that since 2018, the Congress had done little besides allegedly looting the state and its citizens.

The Home Minister praised the previous BJP government’s tenure, led by Raman Singh, citing significant progress and development across various sectors. He highlighted initiatives such as distributing free ration to households, reserving 50 percent of panchayat election seats for women, and turning Chhattisgarh into an education, power, cement, and aluminum hub.

Slams Bhupesh Baghel

Shah criticized Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, accusing him of failing to fulfill promises, alleged corruption, and working for the Gandhi family’s benefit. He urged Baghel to provide a detailed account of his achievements during his tenure.

BJP’s Aarop Patra

The BJP’s ‘Aarop Patra’ alleged that the Congress government encouraged Naxalism in the state, leading to the deaths of BJP workers. The document further accused the Congress of failing to construct promised food parks and provide potable water to households, instead spending large sums on promotional activities. The BJP also alleged that the Congress threatened journalists and suppressed their rights, claiming that the ruling party allowed criminals to flourish for political gain, resulting in the state becoming a hub for drug peddlers and addicts.

Shah expressed confidence in the BJP’s prospects in the upcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, referring to the party’s previous electoral successes. He held Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel accountable for alleged corruption and unfulfilled promises to various segments of the population.

Shah concluded by expressing optimism about India’s economic growth under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. The Chhattisgarh Assembly polls are scheduled to be held later this year.

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