Bhartiya Janta Party has released its Election Manifesto or “Sankalp Patra” naming it “Modi Ki Guarantee” for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

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The BJP on Sunday has released its Election manifesto with teh tagline “Modi ki Guarantee” ahead of 2024 Polls in the presence of PM Narendra Modi, Party President JP Nadda and other Senior leaders like Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh at party headquarter in New Delhi. Party claims that the manifesto aims at “Viksit Bharat @ 2047”. The day coincides with the Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The manifesto was finalized after taking more than 15 Lac suggestion from people all over the country.


With more than 300 promises the keytakeways of the manifesto are as under:
Continuing free ration scheme till 5 years.
Increase the limit of MUDRA Loan from 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs
• PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme to reduce electricity bills
• Every individual above 75 will be brought within purview of “Ayushman Bharat Yojna”
• Strengtheinig foundation of India with three types of Infrastructure

  1. Social Infrastructure
  2. Digital Infrastructure
  3. Physical Infrastructure
    • One Major highlight of the Manifesto was implementation of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) which was on BJP’s card since 2019.


The PM said that the manifesto focuses on 4 pillars of Viksit Bharat i.e. Youth, Farmers, Women and Poor. He said that mainifesto focuses on dignity and quality of life. Addressing the media JP Nadda gave the crux of BJP’s achievement in the past decade. He said that “It is a guarantee that all guarantees will be fulfilled. He also took reference of Covid-19 and praised Modi Govt. Decision to tackle with the global pandemic. Next to speak was Defence Minister Rajnath Singh who was also chairman of 27 member manifesto committee. He said that BJP fulfilled its promises made in 2019. He listed Abrogation of Article 370, Inaugration of Ram Mandir, Women Reservation Bill as the party’s key achievements.


BJP has tried to cover all sectors, groups, people basically everything in its manifesto starting from free Rashan to Technology and included farmers, senior, youth, MSME, Fisherman, Health, Education, Sports, Innovations, balanced regional development etc,. The main highlight of the manifesto is UCC to which party is strongly committed since 2019. BJP’s strong Manifesto is a reply to Congress’s Manifesto which primarily focused on Reservation and caste-based census. Offical Manifesto can be read and downloaded on the official website

-Samyak Jain

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