Candidate Of Congress Kanhaiya Kumar Get Attacked By A Man Acting As Supporter

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Shocking incident happened at North East Delhi constituency. While Kanhaiya Kumar was on his rally trial for his election bid, Kanhaiya Kumar is the candidate of Congress party get attacked by a person posing as supporter. The attacker asked Kanhaiya with garland to honour him. Under this gratitude he did a physical attack. He slapped him, as the Kumar was is high security breach the whole incident gets captured on cameras and get viral. Causing dispute between kumars supporter and general public.

Kumars hands pointed fingers towards Manoj Tiwari. the candidate of BJP A Bhartiya Janta party. He is the sitting member of parliament. MP of the same constituency. Kanhaiya blamed, attacker was closely associated with Mr Manoj Tiwari. Suggesting that attack was planned. The accusation sparkled the argument in political aspects and counter. Heated up the electoral battle in the region. In response the Kanhaiya says “This act of aggression is a desperate attempt to intimidate us and derail our campaign. But we will not be silenced. Our fight for justice and progress for North East Delhi will continue undeterred.”. His statement matched with the followers, who supports him stating it’s an act of violence.

The overall Congress party ask a statement of demanding immediate action against attacker and to investigate about hands matter.” This is an attack on democracy and the right to peaceful political engagement. We hold the BJP responsible for fostering an environment where such acts are possible,” the spoke person of party declared. On the other side Manoj Tiwari denied the allegations a, involvement in the attack. He said it’s baseless and political strategy. BJP never supports violence we are fairly involved in the democratic process. These accusations are simply tactics by Congress to gain sympathy votes Tiwari asserted.

The Delhi police is investigating the incident. Initial reports say the attacker’s identity is not disclosed and questioned. This attack brought the rising tension in front in an election campaign of India. It shows the need of security measures to be taken for the candidates and call for more civil respectful political discourse. Such incidents are not just risky for individual but also democratic policy of free and fair election process is questioned. The attack on Kanhaiya is likely to further galvanize his supporters, who view him as a crusader against the political establishment.

As the investigation unfolds the truth of political way in the incident. No doubt it will shape the narrative mindset during elections. Both BJP and Congress are on the watch. For their next moves in these highly tensioned their commitment on secured and fair peaceful voting. To reassure the voters. The attack on Kanhaiya is highlights the nature of politics. And need of maintaining the peace and safe campaign environment. It’s a reminder for upholding democratic norms and values. Electorate will surely keep a look on how both the parties Handles the situation. What impact it will do on the election process of north east Delhi.

Shilpa Chalke

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