Demand For Investigation Calling Electoral Bonds A Scam

In the petition filed in the Supreme Court, a scam worth crores of rupees has been alleged in the electoral bonds case.

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The controversy over the electoral bond scheme, which was declared unconstitutional by a five-judge Constitution bench of the Supreme Court, does not seem to be ending. Now a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court asking that a SIT be constituted to investigate the alleged mutual benefit between corporates and political parties through electoral bond donations.

The petition also demands an investigation into the source of funds of the companies donating through bonds. An NGO named Common Cause and Center for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL) have filed this petition in the apex court.

What demands are made in the petition?

This petition filed in the Supreme Court alleges that a scam worth crores of rupees is involved in the electoral bonds case and this was exposed only through an independent investigation by the SIT under the supervision of the apex court. Through this petition, it has been requested from the Supreme Court that the attempts made between corporates and political parties to benefit each other through donations of electoral bonds should be investigated.

What has been said in the petition?

In this petition filed on the issue of electoral bond scam, it has been said that the data made public after the Constitution Bench canceled the anonymous electoral bond scheme clearly shows that companies gave most of the donations through electoral bonds to political parties through quid pro quo arrangements.

The petition said that the data shows that the donations made by companies to political parties through the Electoral Bonds were given for either of the three illegitimate reasons. First— To get government contracts or licenses, Second— CBI to avoid investigation by the Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate, and Third—To change the policies in their favor.

Demand for action against companies less than 3 years old

The petition demands an order to take action against those companies which have made donations through electoral bonds within 3 years of their establishment. A demand has been made to give instructions to investigate the alleged violation of Section 182-1 of the Companies Act 2013 against these companies.

ED and CBI have become assistants of corruption

The petition said that looking at the data of electoral bond scam, it appears that some of the major investigating agencies of the country like CBI, Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax Department have become assistants of corruption. The petition claims that several companies that were under investigation by these agencies have donated large sums of money to the ruling party to potentially influence the outcome of the investigation.

Who filed the petition?

This petition in the supreme court regarding a demand for investigation in the Electoral Bonds, alleging it as a scam, was filed by an NGO named Common Cause along with Centre for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL).

-Rahul Dubey

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