Farooq Abdullah Warns of Continued Loss of Life in Kashmir

Farooq Abdullah on Current Situation of Jammu and Kashmir.

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  • Farooq Abdullah warns of loss
  • Encounter in Anantnag kills three
  • Urges government to resolve Kashmir

14 September 2023, Mumbai: On Sunday, former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, issued a warning stating that there will be no end to the loss of life in the region unless the central government “takes concrete steps towards resolving the Kashmir issue”. This statement was made in the wake of a recent encounter in Anantnag where three militants were killed.

Encounter in Anantnag Results in Three Militants Being Killed

The Indian security forces carried out an encounter with three militants in Anantnag district in South Kashmir. The encounter ended with the death of all three militants. One of the militants was a Pakistani national reported to be active in the region and responsible for numerous attacks on security forces and civilians. The other two militants were locals from the region.

Farooq Abdullah Urges Government to Resolve Kashmir Issue

Abdullah stated that these encounters and the loss of life in the region can only be stopped if the central government takes decisive action towards resolving the ongoing Kashmir issue. He pointed out that the issue will not go away on its own and needs to be actively addressed. Abdullah stated that the prolonged conflict has left the people of the region “desperate” and that there is an urgent need to address their concerns.

The Ongoing Conflict in Kashmir

Kashmir has been the scene of a prolonged conflict between Indian security forces and militants for several decades. The conflict has resulted in the loss of numerous lives and has seen a recent escalation in the use of violence by both sides. The issue of Kashmir is a complex one with both India and Pakistan claiming the region as their own. Several rounds of talks have failed to resolve the issue and often resulted in a further escalation of violence in the region.

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