Karnataka’s government will pay off PM Modi’s huge hotel bills from his trip to Mysuru.

Karnataka's government will pay off PM Modi's huge hotel bills from his trip to Mysuru.

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Karnataka will pay PM Modi’s Rs. 80 lakh hotel bill for his trip to Mysore: Minister

The Karnataka state government has chosen to settle a disagreement by paying back the high hotel costs that Prime Minister Narendra Modi incurred during his April 2022 visit to Mysuru. This decision came after a long argument about a huge bill that was still not paid: Rs 80 lakh, which is about $98,000. The bill was due to the fancy Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel.

Background: PM Modi’s Trip to Mysuru

In April 2022, Prime Minister Modi visited the city of Mysuru to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Project Tiger, a major conservation effort. This is where the debate began. The Prime Minister stayed at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel during this trip. It is a high-end hotel known for its excellent services and facilities.

Dues not paid and legal threats

The hotel management had to deal with an unbelievable Rs 80 lakh bill that hadn’t been paid after the Prime Minister’s stay. Even though the hotel tried many times to get the money back, they were unsuccessful. This made them think about going to court to get their money back.

The state government steps in

The Karnataka state government has stepped in to calm things down because they know how serious the situation is and what it could mean for international relations. In a statement released on Monday, Karnataka Forest Minister Eshwar Khandre said that the state would pay for it, ending the long-running disagreement.

Khandre stressed that the state was committed to continuing its usual role as a gracious host to important people, such as the Prime Minister and the President. He agreed that the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) was in force during the Assembly elections, which limited the state government’s ability to help plan and carry out the Prime Minister’s visit.

Making Expense Responsibilities Clearer

Khandre explained the breakdown of the costs and said that the real costs of the Prime Minister’s visit were shockingly high at Rs 6.33 crore (about $780,000). The initial estimate for the money spent was around Rs 3 crore (about $370,000). The minister made it clear that the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) would pay the last Rs 3.3 crore, which is about $410,000.

A peaceful approach and a way forward

Khandre said that the state government is committed to finding a peaceful solution to the problem and that steps are being taken to make the repayment process go more smoothly. This decision not only solves the immediate financial problems, but it also shows that the state is committed to keeping good relations with the central government and living up to its image as a friendly host.

Now that this controversial problem is over, the Karnataka government’s quick action shows how responsible it is as a leader and how willing it is to handle tough situations with tact and good financial sense.

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