New Limca Book of Records: Padmarajan contested elections 238 times, lost every time

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K. Padmarajan who has contested 238 elections and los all of them has been given entry in limca book of world records.

Lok Sabha elections will be held in the country in a few days. Tamil Nadu’s Padmarajan will also contest the election. Padmarajan contested elections 238 times in his life, from local elections to the presidency, but each time he faced defeat.

According to NDTV reports, Padmarajan has earned the titles of Election King and World Biggest Election Loser. Padmarajan, 65, owns a tire shop. He started contesting from Mettur in Tamil Nadu in 1988. He has contested elections against big leaders like PV Narasimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. This time he is contesting from Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu.

People made fun when he contested the election for the first time

A mustachioed Padmarajan with a bright shawl draped over his shoulders says that when he first filed for election, people laughed at him. But by participating in the elections, I wanted to prove that a common man can also contest elections. He said that everyone wants to win in elections, but I am happy to lose.

Padmarajan says he is worried to continue

Padmarajan said that it does not matter to me which candidate is in front of me. I just want to continue my defeat. However, it is not that simple. He also says that he has spent more than 1 crore in the name of nomination in the last 30 years. He has been contesting elections continuously since 1988.

Padmarajan is worried about how long he can continue his hobby of contesting elections. A security deposit of 25 thousand rupees has to be deposited to contest the election. The security deposit is returned only after obtaining at least 16% votes.

Padmarajan keeps a record of nomination applications

Padmarajan, who runs a tire shop, also offers homeopathy treatment. He also works as an editor for a local media. He said that people hesitate to run for candidacy. So I want to be a role model to bring awareness to people.

Padmarajan also keeps records of nominations every election. So far they have got election symbols like fish, telephone, hat, ring in the elections. Their symbol in this election is a tyre.

Name in Limca Book of Records

Padmarajan has earned his spot as India’s most unsuccessful candidate. Although he did not win any election, his name is definitely recorded in the Limca Book of Records. Padmarajan’s best performance in his electoral career was in 2011, when he contested from the Mettur assembly seat and got 6,273 votes. In this, the winner got more than 75 thousand votes.

According to Padmarajan, He did not expect a single vote. But it showed that people accepted me. Padmarajan said that he will continue to contest the election till his last breath. I might have a heart attack if I win. K. Padmarajan will contest the Lok Sabha elections from Dharmapuri constituency in Tamil Nadu this time.

-Rahul Dubey

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