No Question Hour and Limited Private Members’ Business in Parliament’s Special Session

Parliament's Special Session Sees Changes in Proceedings

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  • Changes in Parliament's Special Session
  • Question Hour Suspended Temporarily
  • Private Members' Business Limited

2 September 2023, Mumbai: In the latest developments within the Indian Parliament’s special session, significant modifications have been introduced, including the removal of the Question Hour and limitations on Private Members’ Business. These changes have stirred discussions and debates among members and political observers.

Decision To Suspend The Question Hour

The decision to suspend the Question Hour, a crucial segment of parliamentary proceedings where Members of Parliament (MPs) can pose questions to various ministries, has raised concerns. This move aims to prioritize other legislative matters during the special session.

Special Sessions

Additionally, the participation of Private Members in parliamentary activities is now restricted. Private Members, who are not part of the government, usually get the opportunity to introduce bills, raise questions, and participate in debates. However, their role will be limited during this special session.

Another Debate For This

The alterations in parliamentary procedures have sparked debates, with some arguing that it could reduce the accountability of the government as the Question Hour serves as a platform for MPs to scrutinize and seek answers from the executive branch.

Motto of No Question Hour

These changes come at a time when several significant issues, such as the economic fallout due to the COVID-19 pandemic, national security concerns, and legislative reforms, are on the agenda for discussion in Parliament. The suspension of the Question Hour and limitations on Private Members’ Business will likely influence the dynamics of these discussions.

As the special session progresses, it remains to be seen how these changes will impact the effectiveness and transparency of parliamentary proceedings, especially in addressing crucial issues facing the nation.

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