PM Modi Speaks About The Allegations Against ECI

The PM made the comments in an interview with Aaj Tak.

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One of the biggest allegations in the ongoing Lok Sabha Elections is that the Election Commision of India(ECI) has lost its independence and that the institution is favouring the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP). Responding to a question about these allegations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke out in his interview with Aaj Tak.

PM Modi firstly asked Aaj Tak and other news organisations to write a letter to the ECI asking these questions as he cannot talk for the institution. He then went on to speak about how the ECI has functioned over the years. He said, “For 50-60 years, ECI used to be a single member body and after that person retired he used to either become a governor, an MP or used to fight in elections.”

PM Modi, without naming the party, took aim at the Indian National Congress, its chief opposition. He implied that they appointed people to the Election Commision of India who were loyal to them and therefore even now those retired officials tweet or speak about the ideology of the Congress only.

He further asked news organisations to focus on the history of the ECI and they will find out about whether it was independent before or now.

These comments come after the opposition and many critics of PM Modi in the public have criticised the ECI for its alleged favouring of the BJP and its blind eye to the breaches of the code of conduct during the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. 

Whether these comments will reduce the criticism or just further fan the flames remains to be seen.

PM Modi has filed his nomination from the constituency of Varanasi, a seat he has held since 2014. The voting for Lok Sabha Elections in Varanasi will happen on June 1 in Phase 7 of the elections. The results of the elections will be announced on June 4, 2024.

-Namit Pandey

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