Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Productive Visit to Indonesia for ASEAN and East Asia Summits

PM Modi's Productive Visit to Indonesia

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  • Strengthening ASEAN-India Partnership
  • Emphasis on Indo-Pacific Cooperation
  • Return Ahead of G20 Summit

7 September 2023, Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned to India after a brief yet successful visit to Indonesia, where he participated in the 20th ASEAN-India Summit and the 18th East Asia Summit. During his visit, the Prime Minister engaged in extensive discussions with ASEAN partners, emphasizing the importance of strengthening the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and outlining its future trajectory. He underscored ASEAN’s central role in the Indo-Pacific and highlighted the alignment between India’s Indo-Pacific Ocean’s Initiative (IPOI) and ASEAN’s Outlook on the Indo-Pacific (AOIP). Additionally, Prime Minister Modi stressed the necessity of expeditiously reviewing the ASEAN-India FTA (AITIGA).

ASEAN-India Summit: Strengthening Partnerships

At the ASEAN-India Summit, Prime Minister Modi held comprehensive talks with ASEAN partners aimed at bolstering the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the two. He reiterated the centrality of ASEAN in the Indo-Pacific region and recognized the synergies between India’s Indo-Pacific Ocean’s Initiative (IPOI) and ASEAN’s Outlook on the Indo-Pacific (AOIP). The Prime Minister also emphasized the urgency of conducting a timely review of the ASEAN-India FTA (AITIGA).

East Asia Summit: A Vital Platform

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the significance of the East Asia Summit as a crucial platform for dialogue and cooperation on strategic matters in the Indo-Pacific region. He noted that it is the sole leaders-led mechanism dedicated to addressing strategic issues in this region and plays a pivotal role as the primary confidence-building mechanism in Asia.

Prime Minister’s Gratitude

On social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Prime Minister Modi expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome he received during his brief but fruitful visit to Indonesia. He conveyed his appreciation to President @jokowi, the Indonesian Government, and the people of Indonesia for their hospitality.

Return Ahead of G20 Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s return to New Delhi comes in preparation for the upcoming G20 Summit scheduled for September 9 and 10. The G20 Summit is a significant international event where leaders from the world’s major economies gather to discuss and coordinate on various global issues.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Indonesia showcased India’s commitment to strengthening regional partnerships and its active engagement in the Indo-Pacific region. His participation in the ASEAN and East Asia Summits underscored the importance of multilateral cooperation in addressing strategic challenges and fostering peace and stability in the region.

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