Sharad Pawar Accuses BJP of Destabilizing Governments and Dividing Society

NCP Chief criticizes BJP's tactics and expresses concern over ethnic violence in Manipur.

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17 August 2023, Mumbai: Pawar Criticizes BJP for Destabilizing Opposition-Helmed Governments

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar took a swipe at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday, accusing them of deliberately destabilizing duly elected governments in states led by opposition parties. Speaking at a rally in Beed, Maharashtra, Pawar highlighted the divisive tactics employed by the current ruling party, employing caste, religion, and language as tools to drive societal wedges.

Ethnic Violence in Manipur Sparks Criticism Towards Centre

During the rally in Beed, Pawar also condemned the Centre for its handling of the ethnic violence in Manipur. He expressed disappointment that Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not visit Manipur to empathize with the people who have been enduring deadly ethnic clashes since May. Pawar underscored the importance of leadership being attuned to the pain and grievances of citizens in troubled areas.

BJP’s Divisive Strategy Under Scrutiny

Sharad Pawar didn’t mince words when he accused the BJP of exploiting divisive factors such as caste, religion, and language to create societal rifts. He criticized the party for boasting about providing stability at the national level while simultaneously undermining duly elected opposition-led state governments.

Comparisons and Predictions: Pawar Targets Modi’s Claims

Drawing parallels between Prime Minister Modi and Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Pawar remarked on Modi’s recent Independence Day speech. He pointed out that Modi’s assertion of returning to the Red Fort for next year’s address echoed Fadnavis’s similar sentiment before the 2019 Maharashtra assembly polls. Pawar questioned whether Modi’s prediction would mirror Fadnavis’s experience of returning to a lower position rather than the top post.

Inflation Concerns and Farmer Woes

Pawar, a former Union agriculture minister, also directed attention to the rising inflation rates. He emphasized that the escalating costs of fertilizers are a pressing concern for farmers, criticizing the government for its perceived lack of concern for an issue that directly impacts the agricultural community.

As Sharad Pawar addresses various aspects of the political landscape, his criticisms of the BJP’s tactics, concerns over ethnic violence, and focus on issues affecting the common people underscore his role as a prominent voice in Indian politics.

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