ShivSena MP “Humiliates” Hospital Staff: FIR Filed

Fir filed over Hemant Patil ShivSena MP's shameful 'misbehaviour'

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ShivSena MP "humiliates" hospital staff: FIR filed
  • Eyeing on this horrible act by the MP
  • MP Hemant Patil's Statement after this Shameful Act
  • FIR Registered
  • Other issues within the Hospitals
  • The humiliating "misbehaviour"
  • Addressing the issue

5th October 2023, Mumbai: In a recent shocking events, ShivSena MP Hemant Patil made the Dean Dr. S.R Wakode of Nanded Hospital clean the toilets and other urinals. Medical Authorities came forward in unity and an FIR was launch against Hemant Patil’s ‘misbehaviour’.

Shiv Sena MP Hemant Patil has faced strong protest from the medical association for his  misbehavior with the staff of the Dr Shankarrao Chavan Government Medical College and Hospital. This shameful incident took place when the MP reportedly made the dean of the hospital clean a dirty toilet and urinals.

Eyeing on this horrible act by the MP

This horrible event got eye balls when the videos of the acting Dean, Dr. S R Wakode, being made to clean the toilet were shared on some social media channels.

Doctors and Medical professionals in Nanded Hospital, are standing beside the Dean, took to the streets in protest against this humiliation. The Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) also came forward to support the dean and express their disappointment towards this shameful act of  the ShivSena MP Hemant Patil.

MP Hemant Patil’s Statement after this Shameful Act

MP Patil forced that the toilets weren’t working properly. He also mentioned that this washrooms were of no use, indicating how the college staff is not maintaining this given facilities.

FIR Registered

The impact of the incident has impacted the medical authorities as an FIR was lodged against Hemant Patil. This incident has brought the Nanded hospital into the spotlight once again after the recent news of 24 deaths within 24 hours between October 1-2.

Other issues within the Hospitals

The hospital authorities also highlighted the severe shortage of workers in the hospital and the unavailability of important medical  equipments are the real problems faced by the hospital.

The humiliating “misbehaviour”

Medical associations, including the Indian Medical Association, medical students, and the Maharashtra State Medical Teachers Association, vehemently condemned the MP’s actions and staged protests to denounce this act of “misbehavior.”

The doctors’ associations emphasized that the Nanded medical college, like many other government hospitals, is grappling with overwhelming emergency cases, exceeding its capacity by up to 5 to 6 times. Staff shortages, particularly in class III and IV positions, have been prevalent for the past decade, leading to contract-based arrangements that fail to fulfill the required vacancies. Furthermore, the shortage of drugs and medicines, often over 70%, adds to the challenges faced by the hospital.

Addressing the issue

Furthermore, The incidence faced by Dean has effected on Doctors across all levels. It’s crucial for medical authorities to take strict action for this under the bed issues faced by healthcare sectors to make sure the security of both the Hospital staff and also patients.

This incident in Nanded is not the first one  rather there are more than such problems  faced by the medical colleges across the country. The mediocre working conditions and lack of essential medical resources and employees are common issues that need urgent attention in our country.

By Harsh Rathod

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