UK’s Labour Party Comes To Power After 14 Years: Keir Starmer Set To Lead The Country

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British Indian PM Rishi Sunak conceded defeat in the recent national elections in the UK, Keir Starmer welcomed in Downing Street and gave his first speech as Prime Minister

Amid the country’s national elections, The UK’s opposition party, the left-leaning Labour Party won on Friday, returning to power after 14 years of Conservation Party’s leadership. Conservative Party’s Rishi Sunak conceded defeat in the elections, resigned from the party, and exited Downing Street. Leader Keir Starmer from the Labour Party is set to become the prime minister of the UK after the party declares victory.

Labour Party Won All 400 Out Of The 650 Seats

Millions of people all across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales on Thursday voted and elected their local representatives in the 650-member House of Commons, the UK’s lower house of parliament. Keir Starmer said upon his victory, “Our work is urgent, and we begin today”. Winning more than 400 out of the 650 seats, the party was led to a landslide victory, and a promised ‘national renewal’ by the new Prime Minister.

Conservation Party Suffers Its Worst Defeat, Rishi Sunak Resigns From The Post 

Britain’s oldest political party, the Conservative Party suffered its worst electoral defeat in about 200 years. The party lost 250 seats and won 121 seats. Outgoing PM Rishi Sunak gave his resignation speech outside Downing Street, with his wife standing behind him. He told the people that he gave his job his all but the country gave him the signal that the government needed a change. Sunak also apologized to the country in his speech. Following this, he traveled to Buckingham Palace to formally tender his resignation from the post to King Charles, the head of state.

Keir Starmer Gives His First Speech At Downing Street, PM To Visit Washington On Tuesday For NATO Summit

Keir Starmer was welcomed to Downing Street with loud cheers and supporters waving Union Jacks. He gave his first speech as a Prime Minister, beginning with paying tribute to former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for being the UK’s first British Asian PM and praising him for his hard work. He mentioned that his party would restore its service and respect to politics, further saying, “We will govern the country first, the party second”. One of the few points on his agenda included the creation of wealth in every community, securing the country’s borders, and getting the NHS back on its feet. Starmer is set to make his first foreign visit to Washington on Tuesday, July 9, for the NATO summit.

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