Why the Modi Government Pushes for Ram Temple Discussion in Parliament?

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Parliament rarely convenes on Saturdays in India, but an additional day was hastily added to the current budget session, specifically for discussions on the Ram temple construction and consecration ceremony.

BJP’s Strategy: Motion Under Rule 193 and Rule 176

BJP MPs will introduce a motion on the Ram Temple in both houses of Parliament under Rule 193 and Rule 176. In the Lok Sabha, the motion will be moved by specific BJP MPs, while in the Rajya Sabha, it will be brought under Rule 176.

Understanding Rule 193

Rule 193 allows for discussions in the Lok Sabha that go beyond typical or formal motions presented to the House. These discussions, unlike conventional motions, do not involve voting.

Purpose of the Discussion

The ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony of Shri Ram Lalla took place at Ayodhya’s historic temple on January 22. Since many opposition parties, including Congress, did not attend the event, considering it aligned with the BJP-RSS, this discussion serves as an opportunity for the BJP to politically manoeuvre opposition parties, particularly Congress.

Potential Political Maneuvering

With voting not involved, the BJP aims to corner opposition parties, especially Congress, and create a politically awkward situation for them. Prime Minister Modi is expected to speak on the motion, likely challenging Congress on the issue.

Government’s Advocacy

The government is anticipated to advocate for a unanimous resolution by both Houses of Parliament, lauding the construction of the Ram temple and emphasizing Lord Ram’s socio-cultural significance. Prime Minister Modi’s role in facilitating this endeavour is likely to be highlighted.

BJP’s Political Narrative

The BJP has labelled Congress as ‘anti-Ram’ for its absence from the consecration ceremony. If Congress opposes or abstains from the resolution, which is expected to pass regardless, it provides the BJP with ammunition to portray Congress negatively, especially among Hindi belt voters, just before the polls.

Cabinet Resolution Acknowledgment

In a meeting on January 25, the Union Cabinet endorsed a resolution congratulating Prime Minister Modi for the consecration ceremony. The resolution emphasized the spiritual significance of the event, aligning it with the nation’s spiritual journey, alongside its physical independence in 1947.

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