Lyzander Sohkhlet creating history in the Indian literary space

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The Indian literary space is a thriving hub for new voices, imaginative storytelling, and unrestricted writing. With little more than a pen and a fiery determination, many young Indians are transforming how we connect with books and view the world.

While some shed light on little-known social realities, some compel us to examine deeply established harsh truths. Numerous up-and-coming authors are jointly challenging, enthralling, and attracting audiences worldwide through their diversity and ingenuity. Lyzander Sohkhlet, one of India’s newest authors, is our featured person today.

Born and reared in Shillong, Lyzander Sohkhlet is a poet and writer of science fiction whose works have appeared in several media outlets. He discusses his struggles and life as a young political writer in an interview with BuzzFeed and independent journalist Anesha D’Souza. Teen Bugs, a book by Lyzander about teenage dysphoria and the secrets and effects of an overburdened adolescent, is scheduled for release in 2019.

“Teen Bugs serves as a reminder of the need for resiliency and hope. This book is about my sentiments rather than a specific individual. In an interview with Bored Panda, he expressed his wish that whoever reads this book may find solace and love”.

Lyzander’s work has developed since he turned seventeen, demonstrating his maturity and ever-evolving writing style. His future book will be offered on platforms including Amazon, Audible, and others.

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