Literary Odyssey: Author Tomson Robert’s Thrilling Book Tour in India

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New Delhi (India), June 12: Summer got off to a thrilling start for book lovers when author Tomson Robert embarked on a much-anticipated book tour for his latest novel, The Celebrity CEO. The corporate thriller made waves among the readers due to the author’s genre bending approach to storytelling. The tour offered a chance for readers to delve into the inspiration behind the story and get Robert’s insights into the narrative and the corporate world.

Author Tomson Robert’s book tour in Kolkata was a resounding success, highlighted by a vibrant event at the Storyteller Bookstore. Co-hosted by two enthusiastic book communities, Kolkata Bookworms and Read with Us Book Club, the event drew a considerable crowd of eager readers. The three-novel old author has a charismatic presence and he ensured that the attendees had an excellent time discussing books and reading in general. In addition to the main event, Robert visited various bookstores across the city, leaving behind signed copies of The Celebrity CEO.

The excitement continued in Delhi, where Robert held a similar event at Bahrisons Booksellers, Saket, in collaboration with Foster Reads. The event saw a strong turnout, with Robert’s approachable and friendly demeanour captivating the audience. Readers appreciated the opportunity to interact with the author, discussing his work and gaining insights into his creative process. Like in Kolkata, Robert toured several bookstores in Delhi, ensuring readers had the chance to purchase signed copies of his book, further solidifying his connection with his audience. The list of the bookstores that have the signed copies can be found on his Instagram handle @authortomson.

The Celebrity CEO is the third novel by the new-age author who started his publishing journey with a collection of 10 semi-autobiographical stories in 2016, Stories of Work, Life & the Balance in Between. His narratives are crisp, easy to read and tackle contemporary themes such as work culture, work-life balance, giving meaning to life and mental health which have resonated well with young professionals.

While we wait for the author’s next work, The Celebrity CEO continues to entertain and engage even more readers. The novel is available to buy in major bookstores and ecommerce platforms.

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