Sukhar media and Happen were founded by Shubham Pancheshwar

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October 11: Shubham helped more than 500+ clients to build their brands and take their businesses to the next level. And he is also known for his PR agency which is one of the PR agencies in India. Shubham took More than 15+ brands on an international level with his online media strategy.

Shubham Pancheshwar is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh. He is the founder of the leading digital marketing company Sukhar media, and Happens recently.

The reason behind the Fast Growth of Shubham’s companies is his experience in online marketing and his Brief strategy to Grow any brand online. Shubham works on every micro thing before making his strategy for his clients. After taking in-depth knowledge of the client’s business and client’s business goals, Shubham plans to achieve those goals as fast as possible with online marketing and PR.

Shubham started his entrepreneurship journey During covid in one single room. With his consistent Hard Work in the Digital Marketing industry currently, he is working with clients in India and internationally. Shubham started his journey Alone, but now he has a team of 10 employees who are working for more than 100+ clients. He also worked with big brands like Dr Ortho, Zomato, and Sooufy.

After the Huge success of Sukhar media, Shubham started his new venture, Happen, recently, which is a news agency. They work in every industry like media, entertainment, sports etc. Where you can get any story with one click, now they are planning to launch their app to reach out to more people.

Sukhar media provides various services to businesses that increase their revenue very fast on a very less budget. They also give business consultations to small businesses so that they can grow their business Fast digitally. Moreover, they also help businesses with their Web development and designing, app development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and lead generation services.

Moreover, they are planning to introduce some more features that have happened recently to help new startups, small businesses, content creators and journalists. Happen recently grew so fast because of its amazing content and website interface. Their reach is also increasing very Fast, and soon there will be Google-verified websites.

Shubham Pancheshwar achieved lots of success in the online marketing and media industry in very less time because of his ability to learn things fast and long-term business strategy. Now he is working on expanding Sukhar media and Happening recently to the next level with a vision to help more businesses Globally.

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