India’s Own AI Chatbot “Hanooman” Got Launched With 98 Global Languages

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India has now reached a step ahead towards technology and success in the globe by launching its own AI chatbot on 10th of May called “Hanooman” which is been named on the Indian deity who is known by his intelligence, strength, and ability to acquire any desired thing. As the name “Hanooman” says this Generative Artificial Intelligence is strong in terms of massive data and excellent speed where the audience can get answered to their multiple questions within a blink of eye.

This GenAI is similar to ChatGPT but in an advanced form, where Indian audience can ask any desired questions and avail this AI technology in 12 Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, etc and also in varied 98 global languages which will make their work much easier and will reduce their time and workload.

Reliance SML India and Abu Dhabi’s 3AI Holding have launched this GenAI “Hanooman” which is now available at App Store for all Android users and soon it will be available for iPhone users as well. As of now this chatbot is available to all Indian users for free but the company is thinking to make it premium in future.

Currently this GenAI “Hanooman” chatbot is working in the form of text later more advancements will be made. The goal of this AI is to provide services in multiple other areas such as administration, health sector, education department and financial services in order to develop India in terms of technology.

The hallmark of this technology is that it is user-friendly where anyone can use it without having detailed knowledge about technology and their goal is to reach to maximum audience and to help them solve their queries at ease which is really a great step towards progress and development of India.

Priya Chauhan

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