Nothing’s Phone 2 Targets Premium Segment with Focus on Design and Software

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5th June 2023, Mumbai: 5th June 2023, Mumbai: Manu Sharma, VP and GM of Nothing India, emphasizes the importance of creating a unique and awe-inspiring experience for users. Nothing is determined to break away from recycling old designs and instead cater to customers who value innovative and distinctive aesthetics over mere specifications.

As the head of Nothing’s operations in India, Sharma recognizes the immense potential in the premium market segment, which is precisely where Nothing’s second smartphone, the Phone 2, will be positioned.

In an interview with prior to the Phone 2 launch, Sharma explains the shifting priorities of consumers. While screen size used to be a significant factor, it has now become standardized over time. Surprisingly, design has emerged as a crucial consideration in their research.

Nothing has consistently differentiated its products from competitors since its debut two years ago. For example, their first smartphone, the Phone 1, featured a semi-transparent casing with flashing LEDs on the back. Despite being a mid-range Android phone, its striking design and affordable price attracted significant attention. Sharma claims that Nothing has sold nearly 750,000 units of the Phone 1 to date.

Sharma refrains from disclosing detailed specifications and pricing for the Phone 2. However, he confirms that the device will be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor, boast a larger 4,700mAh battery, and feature a larger screen. Like its predecessor, the Phone 2 will be manufactured by BYD Electronic in Tamil Nadu, and Sharma asserts that it will be the company’s most sustainable product.

While the design of the Phone 2 remains undisclosed, Sharma recalls the challenges involved in manufacturing the Phone 1 due to its transparent design. Creating transparent products is an arduous task that requires considerable effort to ensure environmental sustainability while maintaining aesthetics.

Sharma emphasizes that the Phone 2 will prioritize both hardware and software aspects. In fact, Nothing is significantly investing in software development, boasting a dedicated in-house team of over 100 people. During the Phone 1 launch, the company relied on external resources for software.

According to Sharma, the Phone 2 aims to deliver a superior consumer experience, focusing on performance, camera capabilities, and, most importantly, software experience. Nothing has laid the groundwork for an exceptional Android experience with its software developments.From its inception, Nothing has portrayed itself as a fresh and trendy presence in the tech industry, catering to aspirational consumers at affordable prices.

However, with the Phone 2, Nothing aims to capture the attention of high-end smartphone consumers, considering the growing market and higher profit margins in the premium segment. Sharma sees this as a natural progression for the brand.

Despite entering the premium segment at a time when the smartphone market has reached maturity, Nothing believes there is still ample opportunity for growth. Consumers are seeking distinctive offerings, presenting a favorable environment for a brand like Nothing to thrive, especially in terms of creativity.

Article by Kashvi Gala

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