Actor/Writer Inder Shahu talks about his new films, reveals names of two films on the verge of release!

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27th March 2023, Mumbai: With the onset of the OTT culture things are looking bright for the writers and filmmakers who earlier were completely clueless as to making a mark for themselves in the tinsel town. But the proliferation of the online entertainment platforms many new content is being made and thus providing a good chance to all those who aspire to be part of the Hindi film industry.

This one turn has also increased the influx of raw talents in the movie industry too. Day in and day out we come face to face with writers and directors trying to make it big in the film industry.

Inder Shahu, who is a seasoned writer in the block is all set for his with his next project. Well, you read that right. The writer is currently working on his upcoming project titled Kabootar. The film is being directed by Puneet Rakheja. The film will also be made in English.

When we got in touch with Inder, he revealed that he has a few other projects lined up for the future. One of them is Hoshiarpur De Hoshiyar. He says, “This film too has been written by me and is being directed by Vikram Pradhan.”

We asked him about the films and the actors who are to be a part of the films. However he was reluctant to reveal all the details to us curtly saying, “It is a little too early to reveal it all at this juncture.”
Well, we guess we have to wait it out as of now and only time will tell. Whatever it is, we wish Inder all the very best for his future endeavours.

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