RRR’s song “Naatu” has some amazing mysteries.

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The superhit song “Naatu” from the blockbuster movie RRR is one of the most liked and loved song of the Era, this song has also won the golden globe award and is also shortlisted for the Oscar but do you know who is that beautiful voice behind this song, and how was this song made, Read the article to know about this beautiful soul with melodious voice.

The story of the formation of the music began when the director of the movie Rajamouli came up with an idea that since ram charan and Rajmauli both of them are of the same Telugu background and if both of them will dance together the audiences will definitely like it and they will enjoy a lot too, so with this idea,  he came to the singer M. M. Keeravani and told him that he wants a contrast dance of both the singers and with this incredible idea, M. M. Keeravani went to the lyrics writer Chandra Bose to sing this beautiful song and directed him to write a song which increases the excitement and enthusiasm of the audiences very well.

Later on, he also added to make sure that the lyrics of the song should include the words related to the incidents of the year 1920.

After that Chandra Bose started working on it and the songs 90% part came out in just 2 days but the final makeup of the song took almost 19 months, the song was sung by Kaal bhairav and Rahul sipuliganj

The shooting of the song took a long time and finally it was shooted in the background of Ukraine ‘s presidential house .

Meanwhile, this song gave rise to a huge number of audiences, and it is still in the minds of a large number of people.

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