Brijesh Semwal Launched B S Music and Entertainment Company To Support Superior Young Artists!

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Brijesh Semwal, a talented young singer and artist with several accolades to his name, is a great lover of music. He established his own music business, “B S Music and Entertainment Company,” in Mumbai to help aspiring young artists succeed in their field of passion. The motive of this digital platform is to launch and promote aspiring singers, composers, and songwriters who want to showcase their talent and build their image globally. Music flows like blood in the hearts of the audience, and they are always willing to help emerging artists grow their careers. Great new singers, composers, and songwriters are always welcome to enter the music industry. 

Brijesh Semwal was born and raised in a valley in Uttarakhand. His interest and devotion to music began at a very young age of 14 rather than appearing suddenly at any particular age. People rarely consider those interests seriously at that age, but he was different. Brijesh Semwal took music as a subject throughout his entire school education and continued to learn about music even after graduation. He is skilled in a variety of musical genres, including light music and classical Hindustani music. This demonstrates how devoted he was to music at such a young age. His gurus were late Pt. Jasraj, Pt. Ratan Mohan Sharma, and Ankita Joshi ji in Mumbai. Dr. Shashi Sargam is his wife, and she herself has a PHD in music vocal. Her guru was Dr. Suresh Gopal Shrikhande. 

When it comes to these kinds of passion-based careers, we generally notice that parents don’t encourage their children. However, Brijesh Semwal’s father was unique from other fathers. His blessings were always bestowed on his son and Brijesh, who attributes his success in his chosen field to Ganga Maiya and his father’s blessings. Due to their moral support, encouragement, and belief, he shot to the moon in his music career. He was rewarded with Guinness World Records (The Forgotten Army, an Amazon Prime Series) and the Young Voices Achievement Award from All India Radio Mumbai.

After achieving great heights, he wants to help other up-and-coming artists by giving them a platform to showcase their talents and flourish in the music industry. Brijesh Semwal is the founder of B S MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY and Dr. Shashi Sargam Semwal is the director. They both are dedicating their best possible effort and time to showcase young musicians and upcoming rockstars of music. Music lovers, singers, composers, and songwriters are all welcome on this digital platform. Those interested in listening to, creating, and sharing music are encouraged to join this online community. Here, fans can show their support for their favorite up-and-coming artists, while those artists gain exposure and develop professionally.

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