BTS’V releases a new video from Run BTS dance rehearsals and ARMY decodes their flawless sync: ‘Unwavering fear of J-Hope..’

Prachi Payal
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The Army hasn’t forgotten BTS’s two-day concert, particularly their electrifying Run, BTS performance. Fans have been waiting with bated breath for the choreography for the energetic and power-packed track, which is reminiscent of their earlier days. In Busan, the septet did not disappoint and far exceeded expectations. The Run BTS performance, with flawless synchronised choreography and fiery raps, was undoubtedly the highlight of the concert.

V (born Kim Taehyung) posted a video of the boys practising the dance with the caption, “Burned up after a long time.”

Their dedication to their craft impresses the army. While many people are still talking about the dance steps and comparing them to earlier dances such as Mic Drop and Bapsae, others have joked about how J-Hope—the band’s choreographer and rapper—would have made sure they had perfected the moves. As cheerful and jovial as he is most of the time, he is known to be a tough taskmaster during practise sessions, and all of the members have joked about being afraid of making a mistake in their performances.”Dedication, countless hours of dance practise, and, of course, their unwavering fear of jung hoseok,” one fan wrote.

BTS’s last scheduled performance is currently in Busan.

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