Fahmaan Khan should openly support girlfriend Sumbul Touqeer Khan in Bigg Boss, says Priya Soni

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Priya Soni feels that Tv actor Fahmaan Khan should openly support his girlfriend Sumbul Touqeer Khan who is in the Bigg Boss house and is going through the last two weeks of the show.

Fahmaan Khan has shown his support for his “close friend” Sumbul Touqeer Khan who is currently locked inside the Bigg Boss 16 house. According to media reports, the duo are really close and it can be seen through their chemistry on the TV show Imlie and in real life as well.

However, Priya Soni is not convinced. “With nearly four evictions likely to happen in the next two weeks, Sumbul is under great pressure inside and at this stage desperately needs Fahmaan’s active support,” Priya Soni said.

A Tv news website reported Fahmaan is planning a vacation for Sumbul where her family and she can have a relaxed time together. Fahmaan is shooting for his show Dharampatnii, but he might take a break to spend time with Sumbul and catch up with his good friend during the vacation he has planned. He has also planned a special dinner for Sumbul, the report says.

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