Jimin’s childhood photos to his present position as a BTS superstar; the singer’s evolution over time

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Jimin, who has been ruling the masses with his soulful vocals and hypnotic dance moves, will celebrate his birthday on October 13th. The singer is the most well-known and well-liked member of the South Korean boy band BTS. Park Jimin, also known as Baby Mochi and Ddochi, has had a difficult journey to success. He’s been through a lot of ups and downs, insecurities, rejections, and threats, and he’s stayed strong despite everything.

Jimin had always been a ‘dreamer boy’. He was heavily influenced by cartoons and told his mother that he wanted to be a swordsman, then a cop. He didn’t realise he wanted to be a singer or performer until ninth grade. To further his dancing interest, the Busan boy began learning hip-hop and later enrolled in Busan Arts High School, where he studied Modern Dancing. It’s no surprise that he did well in school.

Big Hit Entertainment chose Jimin shortly after he began auditioning for various entertainment companies. His meteoric rise began there. He moved to Seoul after leaving his family and friends in Busan.

Jimin trained alongside the other members to become idols before making his debut. He changed schools and attended Korea Arts High School, where he met BTS V, also known as Kim Taehyung. On June 13, 2013, BTS made their debut as a band.

Jimin is well-known for his distinctive voice and has been a vocalist and dancer in the band. Park Jimin released two solo songs, Lie and Serendipity, from the albums Wings and Love Yourself in 2016.

BTS Jimin’s debut signalled the start of a new battle. The singer and the other members struggled to find their footing in the early years. They not only doubted themselves, wondering if they could make it to the top, but they were also pushed to the sidelines from the start. Their efforts were rewarded when people began to notice them and support their music.

Jimin has frequently praised BTS for persevering and not giving up when things seemed hopeless. He stated that the only way for them to proceed was to remain optimistic. According to the musician “Will I make it to the end if I keep going? That is how I think and act.”

RM, Jin, Jhope, Suga, Jungkook, and V have all praised Jimin for his hard work. Today, as the world honours him and the band for their accomplishments, it is even more important for BTS to show ARMYs that they are deserving of their love.

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