Sonu Chandrapal to be seen in a comedy show, Professor Pandey Ke Paanch Pariwar, next!

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After being part of a mythological show, actress Sonu Chandrapal will now be seen in a comedy show called Professor Pandey Ke Paanch Pariwar on Dangal TV. She will be playing Chandini, one of the main lead characters, in her first comedy show.

Talking about the show, she says, “It’s the story of 5 different families and all of them have important scenes. My character belongs to a Sindhi family. I am a business woman and a house wife too. She runs a beauty parlour and loves her husband a lot. She has named her beauty parlour as per his husband’s name. She seeks his husband’s attention all the time but her husband is always crazy behind his work. He loves his wife but doesn’t give much attention to her the way he gives to his work. My character has different getups like different hair or different kinds of makeup just to impress her husband and just to get noticed by her husband. Since her husband hardly notices her, they are also into a cute tom and jerry fight. These small things will bring out a lot of comedy in our family. Every family has a different scenario. She is fun loving, lovable and hardworking,” she says.

The actress says that both comedy and mythology are not easy. “From mythology to comedy, the roles are way too different. While playing mythological characters, you need to be very careful with the pauses in the dialogue delivery whereas for comedy characters, you have to be energetic and humorous all the time, so both are challenging. Playing a comic character is challenging because no matter what you are feeling in your personal life, you have to perform with full enthusiasm and in an energetic way. The dialogue delivery in comic characters is high pitched and your body language has a lot of movements and you can’t play subtle. You have to be expressive. I love experimenting with different characters and this is the reason that it took so much time to get something. Usually it happens that after doing one show, you can’t show offers related to that type of character, but I prefer waiting so that I get something different. I believe in performance and don’t want to go into type cast.”

Talking about her return to fiction shows, she says, “I did a show called Suhani Si Ek Ladki in 2014 where I played a negative character and then I played goddess Saraswati in my next show Shrimat Bhagwat in 2018. It was a mythological show. Now, I am returning to fiction after 4 years. It was a wonderful experience as it was my first mythology show. Playing mythological characters is very different to playing regular ones. Your dialogue delivery and body language are different and you have to work on every detail. Each and every word of yours should be pronounced properly. Your speech matters a lot and you have to work a lot and keep rehearsing. Your acting should depict those pauses that you take in between along with your facial expressions and you should be very subtle and not very loud. It was a learning experience for me.”

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