The first of seven farewells: BTS’Jin, Astronaut, Years of Unshed tears, Love, and Hatred

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In Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Friday, Kim Seok-jin, the senior vocalist for BTS, bid farewell to the sea of purple. Because the Coldplay concert was full of bittersweet, fleeting moments like Chris Martin’s introduction, Jin running up to him for a hug, their tearless smile, fans sobbing in the crowds, Jin listening to the chants for the last time, and the colours blue and purple, fans will remember it for the upcoming few days, months, and even years.

Because Jin made it clear that he did not want any tearful farewells, they might have announced their military service after the Busan concert, the last one that was scheduled. The members were aware that because the development had been planned for some time, they would go regardless of whether the South Korean government granted them the exemption. Over the last two days, more information has come to light regarding what has been actually happening and what the band has been concealing for months.

Jin revealed in his most recent V Live that the group had decided to enlist after their album BE in 2020, but they weren’t prepared for the next stages of ascent. This came after the release of the single “Astronaut”. With the songs Butter, Permission to Dance, and Grammys 2022, they further established their position in the international music scene. They thought that each performance they gave over the past few months that was captured for a music video would be their last. These were merely tinier cues that they were leaving.Jin is shown in the centre of the Life Goes On music video from 2020, which offers hope amidst the pandemic—a hint that ARMY has only recently picked up on. It wouldn’t have been a farewell to Jin if it had been.

During Permission to Dance LA in 2021, Jungkook yelled to the audience, “This won’t be the last time.” Never will there be a last instance. The septet’s emotional outburst during FESTA 2022 now makes sense because they were subtly alluding to their impending military service. Jin was singled out when the others were crying because he seemed “particularly quiet and aloof,” but he actually intended to enlist in May or June.

Despite disagreements and conflicts, Jin ultimately decided to stay, despite his reluctance to depart for his winter service. However, they simply asked for a break so they could concentrate on their individual tasks. Governmental organisations wrote letters pleading with them to change their minds. Both ends of the candle were ablaze.

Those involved in the decision were the only ones who knew it had already been made. However, there was a lot happening in unreleased footage that had gone unreported.All of these discussions and disagreements took place behind the scenes, while the government argued, conducted surveys, seemed to be moving the band around even more, and fans were alarmed every time Big Hit issued a notice. Even though they already knew what they were going to do, the members were questioned about the service during the press conference. They gave cryptic one-liners in response. The country’s soft power was almost balanced on seven shoulders, economic depression was being discussed, and HYBE stock prices were falling. They have also developed into South Korea’s diplomatic tools. “Haven’t they already served the country?” would be the query from the West. In a charged atmosphere where everyone was debating their futures, the septet themselves almost lost the agency.

The discussion of military service became contentious. That lengthy argument, which raged for years, resulted in the band receiving more animosity than ever. Aside from that, there was derogatory talk about “the next BTS,” which is inappropriate considering that it took the band years to establish itself and didn’t become well-known overnight. They received criticism for not enlisting, and some people persisted in pressuring them to do so. Despite months of pressure, criticism, and hostility, they kept coming back for concerts, photo shoots, and even two Run BTS episodes, exhibiting their former wild camaraderie and maintaining their smiles and silliness. Their anthology album Proof, which started their story at the beginning and expressed another temporary farewell, was released.

Even though they still have some time before enlisting in the military, the others will move quickly to follow Jin when it is finally his turn to go. They’ve demonstrated time and time again that it’s all or nothing. Without Jin, BTS cannot function; they barely made it through Suga’s three-month shoulder surgery recovery period.

The songs Moon and Epiphany make it abundantly clear that Jin is capable of a wide range of emotions. But his collaboration with Coldplay on “Astronaut” is a standout. Six months prior, the singer had called Chris Martin and requested his assistance with the Army’s farewell gift.Unshed tears can be seen throughout the letter, which is addressed to fans who have supported the band for 10 years. Although it is uncommon, most of BTS’ love songs, which they have always treasured, are odes to their fans rather than any actual or imagined romantic interests.

Because Jin’s Astronaut is a highly symbolic song, ARMY has already produced countless theories and interpretations of what it means or may mean. The only thing that matters is that an alien finds refuge among humans instead of obeying orders to return to the mothership, feeling a true sense of homecoming. Jin finishes the crossword by using the letters family, ARMY, and cosy to bring the clip to a close. Jin beams. As he rides in a pickup truck and heads home, Jin beams. His mood has always improved after hearing from Jin.

In his own words, he was lost and wandering until he came across ARMY, and it was that love that shaped him into the person he is today. Along with other elements from previous BTS music videos, the truck that the septet frequently used can be seen in the video. It’s a proper farewell as an astronaut eventually returns to Earth.

After this temporary goodbye, there are six more. The army, however, promises to hold off.

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