Ajanta Pharma Ltd- Overview, Services, About, Founder, Future Plan & Many More

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APL stands for Ajanta Pharma Limited, an international business with its headquarters in India that creates, produces, and markets pharmaceutical formulations. It is present in India, the US, and roughly 30 additional African, South East Asian, West Asian, and CIS nations. It started operating in 1973.


Company Name:Ajanta Pharma Limited
Also Know as:Ajanta Pharma
Type: Public
Founded: 1973
Founders:Purushottam Agrawal, Mannalal Agrawal
Headquarters:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Area Served:Global
Revenue:INR 3,160 crore (2020-21)
Net Income:INR 691 crore (2020-21)
Number of EmployeesOver 7,000 (2020-21)


Leading Indian pharmaceutical firm Ajanta Pharma Limited was established in 1973 by brothers Purushottam and Mannalal Agrawal. The business began operations with a modest production facility in Mumbai and progressively increased its market share on both the domestic and global markets. Ajanta Pharma has been well known over time for its premium speciality goods and generic medications.


Pharmaceutical product discovery, production, and marketing are Ajanta Pharma’s areas of expertise. The company provides a wide selection of medications in a number of therapeutic areas, including gastrointestinal, dermatology, ophthalmology, and cardiology. Tablets and capsules are just two examples of the oral solid dosage forms in which Ajanta Pharma excels. In order to launch new items and broaden its product line, the company places a strong emphasis on research and development.


Purushottam Agrawal and Mannalal Agrawal, two brilliant businessmen with a passion for medicines, formed Ajanta Pharma Limited. They founded the business with the intention of offering people all over the world access to high-quality healthcare at reasonable costs. Their dedication to innovation, moral behaviour, and a customer-focused strategy has been crucial to the development and success of Ajanta Pharma.


Significant milestones have been reached by Ajanta Pharma, and it has been honoured for its services to the pharmaceutical sector. Numerous accolades and certifications have been received by the organisation as a result of its dedication to quality, compliance, and innovation. The goods of Ajanta Pharma have garnered favourable reviews in both domestic and foreign markets, and the business is growing its presence there. Ajanta Pharma seeks to improve the quality of healthcare around the world by putting a strong emphasis on research, high-quality manufacturing, and customer happiness.

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