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An international retailer of gold with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, is Rajesh Exports Limited. The business refines, creates, and markets jewellery and gold. With 2.90 trillion in sales, it was rated 7th on the Fortune India 500 list in 2022 and 462nd overall on the Fortune Global 500. Rajesh Mehta serves as executive chairman and Prashant Mehta is the current managing director.


Company Name:Rajesh Exports Limited
Also Know as:Rajesh Exports
Industry:Gold and Diamond Jewelry
Founders:Rajesh Mehta
Headquarters:Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Area Served:Global
Revenue:INR 1,51,023 crore (2020-21)
Net Income:INR 1,896 crore (2020-21)
Number of EmployeesOver 32,000 (2020-21)


One of the biggest producers of gold and diamond jewellery in the world is Rajesh Exports Limited, also known as Rajesh Exports. Rajesh Mehta, a pioneering businessman, established the company in 1989 with the intention of producing excellent jewellery that reflects artistry and craftsmanship. Rajesh Exports is well-known for its high-quality goods and has built a solid foothold in the international jewellery market over the years.


Gold and diamond jewellery manufacture, wholesale, and exporting are Rajesh Exports’ areas of expertise. The business offers a variety of jewellery lines because to its vertically integrated operations, which include designing, casting, stone-setting, and quality control. Rajesh Exports offers a variety of excellent jewellery designs to clients all over the world, serving both home and foreign markets.


Rajesh Mehta, a visionary businessman with a strong passion for jewellery and an excellent eye for design, launched Rajesh Exports Limited. His unwavering pursuit of excellence, dedication to quality, and awareness of industry trends have all contributed significantly to the company’s success. Under his direction, Rajesh Exports expanded from a tiny jewellery manufacturing facility to a major player in the market.


Rajesh Exports has won numerous awards and accomplishments in the jewellery industry. The business has won praise for its superb craftsmanship, avant-garde designs, and dedication to moral behaviour. For its export success, production capabilities, and commitment to the jewellery business, Rajesh Exports has won major honours. The organisation has gained the respect and confidence of its stakeholders thanks to its dedication to sustainability and social responsibility.

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