These Gulf Countries Directly Refused To America; Israel-Iran Conflict

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America has claimed that Iran can attack Israel in a few hours. US President Joe Biden has full support for Israel. Meanwhile, Kuwait and Qatar have warned the US. Both these countries are loyal allies of America. There is tension between Iran and Israel. Kuwait and Qatar have said that in case of war between the two countries, we will not allow you to use our military bases in our country against Iran. The US has a large military base at Al Udeed in the Gulf country.

Steps are being taken by Qatar and Kuwait to prevent US fighter jets from using their airspace against Iran. This is seen as a challenge for the Biden administration. The US can launch very precise and effective strikes from military bases close to Iran. But this role of Gulf countries is becoming a problem for America.

Iran does not have that courage

Israel carried out an airstrike on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, the capital of Syria. After this incident, Iran has announced that it will teach Israel a lesson. The US is likely speculating that Iran may target Israel’s embassy. Air strike signals are being sounded in many parts of Israel. It seems unlikely that Iran will fight a direct war against Israel. Because it will also cause a great loss to Iran. They may face domestic instability.

How many thousands of US soldiers are stationed there?

America has a large military base in the Gulf countries. At least 40 thousand US soldiers are deployed in this area. Among the key US locations is Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. US Central Command is the regional headquarters. It is reported that Israeli army officers had arrived at Al Udeid base. But Israel has not yet given an official confirmation.

What did Israel Say?

The aerial defence system, which is an air defence system, had previously successfully destroyed two UAVs loaded with explosives coming from Lebanon, the IDF reported. The rockets were fired from Lebanon towards Ramot Naftali. The IDF has attacked several positions in southern Lebanon. Not only the missiles, but the IDF also destroyed two drones that entered Israel’s airspace from Lebanon. Both were explosive drones belonging to Hezbollah.

America’s big decision

America is on alert after Lebanon’s rocket attack. The US will send additional troops to the Middle East in anticipation of an attack by Iran. But the Gulf countries have created a new problem for the US. Kuwait and Qatar have warned America that we will not allow you to use our military bases to attack Iran. America has a large military base in the Gulf country, where there are about 40 thousand soldiers.

-Rahul Dubey

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